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gene id gene name biotype description fdr
ENSG00000177990 DPY19L2 protein_coding dpy-19-like 2 (C. elegans) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19414] 7.3e-06
ENSG00000196284 SUPT3H protein_coding suppressor of Ty 3 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11466] 7.3e-06
ENSG00000151338 MIPOL1 protein_coding mirror-image polydactyly 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21460] 9.6e-06
ENSG00000204852 TCTN1 protein_coding tectonic family member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26113] 1.4e-05
ENSG00000241114 AC008280.3 pseudogene 1.8e-05
ENSG00000231742 RP11-112L6.4 lincRNA 1.8e-05
ENSG00000272312 RP11-239L20.6 lincRNA 1.8e-05
ENSG00000153896 ZNF599 protein_coding zinc finger protein 599 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26408] 1.8e-05
ENSG00000181004 BBS12 protein_coding Bardet-Biedl syndrome 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26648] 2e-05
ENSG00000268379 CTC-360J11.4 pseudogene 2e-05
ENSG00000254731 CTD-2005H7.1 lincRNA 2.4e-05
ENSG00000164953 TMEM67 protein_coding transmembrane protein 67 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28396] 4.2e-05
ENSG00000198680 TUSC1 protein_coding tumor suppressor candidate 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31010] 4.2e-05
ENSG00000135315 KIAA1009 protein_coding KIAA1009 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21107] 4.2e-05
ENSG00000257120 CTD-2503I6.1 antisense 4.4e-05
ENSG00000163482 STK36 protein_coding serine/threonine kinase 36 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17209] 5e-05
ENSG00000233237 LINC00472 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 472 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21380] 5e-05
ENSG00000102038 SMARCA1 protein_coding SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11097] 5.1e-05
ENSG00000230880 RP11-417J8.3 lincRNA 6.6e-05
ENSG00000229358 AC018633.4 pseudogene 7.3e-05
ENSG00000245651 RP11-620J15.2 lincRNA 7.7e-05
ENSG00000234405 LL0XNC01-250H12.3 antisense 7.7e-05
ENSG00000162994 CLHC1 protein_coding clathrin heavy chain linker domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26453] 7.7e-05
ENSG00000247934 RP11-967K21.1 antisense 8.2e-05
ENSG00000196605 ZNF846 protein_coding zinc finger protein 846 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27260] 8.6e-05
ENSG00000112511 PHF1 protein_coding PHD finger protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8919] 8.9e-05
ENSG00000110844 PRPF40B protein_coding PRP40 pre-mRNA processing factor 40 homolog B (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25031] 8.9e-05
ENSG00000260761 RP11-184E9.2 lincRNA 8.9e-05
ENSG00000215504 AP000974.1 protein_coding CDNA FLJ26432 fis, clone KDN01418; Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:Q6ZP70] 8.9e-05
ENSG00000197935 ZNF311 protein_coding zinc finger protein 311 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13847] 8.9e-05
ENSG00000270048 RP11-214K3.22 other 8.9e-05
ENSG00000260329 RP11-412D9.4 antisense 8.9e-05
ENSG00000214652 RP11-3N2.13 pseudogene 8.9e-05
ENSG00000157429 ZNF19 protein_coding zinc finger protein 19 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12981] 8.9e-05
ENSG00000124074 ENKD1 protein_coding enkurin domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25246] 9.1e-05
ENSG00000260989 LA16c-395F10.2 antisense 9.3e-05
ENSG00000196476 C20orf96 protein_coding chromosome 20 open reading frame 96 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16227] 9.6e-05
ENSG00000103351 CLUAP1 protein_coding clusterin associated protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19009] 0.0001
ENSG00000135205 CCDC146 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 146 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29296] 0.0001
ENSG00000204104 TRAF3IP1 protein_coding TNF receptor-associated factor 3 interacting protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17861] 0.0001
ENSG00000271390 RP11-89C3.3 lincRNA 0.0001
ENSG00000224843 LINC00240 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 240 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18772] 0.0001
ENSG00000231134 TCF7L1-IT1 other TCF7L1 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41388] 0.0001
ENSG00000130363 RSPH3 protein_coding radial spoke 3 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21054] 0.0001
ENSG00000180938 ZNF572 protein_coding zinc finger protein 572 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26758] 0.00011
ENSG00000253347 CTD-2026D20.2 antisense 0.00012
ENSG00000221716 SNORA11 other small nucleolar RNA, H/ACA box 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32599] 0.00014
ENSG00000120664 SPG20OS protein_coding SPG20 opposite strand [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39933] 0.00014
ENSG00000105948 TTC26 protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 26 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21882] 0.00014
ENSG00000250345 RP11-780M14.1 pseudogene 0.00014
ENSG00000261611 AC010547.9 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:J3QLW9] 0.00014
ENSG00000242282 AC108488.4 lincRNA 0.00014
ENSG00000271966 RP11-7F18.2 lincRNA 0.00014
ENSG00000249797 CTD-3179P9.1 lincRNA 0.00014
ENSG00000136247 ZDHHC4 protein_coding zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18471] 0.00015
ENSG00000231294 AC006994.2 antisense 0.00015
ENSG00000230160 AC004854.5 pseudogene 0.00015
ENSG00000269938 RP11-214K3.20 other 0.00015
ENSG00000228368 AC106873.4 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:F2Z2A6] 0.00016
ENSG00000253630 CTC-370J7.1 pseudogene 0.00018
ENSG00000272374 RP3-329A5.8 lincRNA 0.00018
ENSG00000270095 RP11-214K3.18 other 0.00018
ENSG00000196109 ZNF676 protein_coding zinc finger protein 676 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20429] 0.00018
ENSG00000233219 RP11-89N17.3 lincRNA 0.00018
ENSG00000188869 TMC3 protein_coding transmembrane channel-like 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22995] 0.00019
ENSG00000262528 LA16c-349E10.1 antisense 0.0002
ENSG00000141013 GAS8 protein_coding growth arrest-specific 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4166] 0.0002
ENSG00000165171 WBSCR27 protein_coding Williams Beuren syndrome chromosome region 27 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19068] 0.0002
ENSG00000237979 AC007389.1 pseudogene 0.0002
ENSG00000196289 BECN1P1 pseudogene beclin 1, autophagy related, pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38606] 0.00021
ENSG00000269345 VN1R85P pseudogene vomeronasal 1 receptor 85 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37405] 0.00023
ENSG00000228885 LL0XNC01-250H12.2 antisense 0.00023
ENSG00000247137 RP11-727A23.5 other 0.00023
ENSG00000221838 AP4M1 protein_coding adaptor-related protein complex 4, mu 1 subunit [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:574] 0.00023
ENSG00000123989 CHPF protein_coding chondroitin polymerizing factor [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24291] 0.00023
ENSG00000120322 PCDHB8 protein_coding protocadherin beta 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8693] 0.00024
ENSG00000212091 AC013268.1 other 0.00025
ENSG00000162526 TSSK3 protein_coding testis-specific serine kinase 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15473] 0.00025
ENSG00000160321 ZNF208 protein_coding zinc finger protein 208 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12999] 0.00027
ENSG00000163617 KIAA1407 protein_coding KIAA1407 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29272] 0.00027
ENSG00000260008 RP11-732A21.2 other 0.00028
ENSG00000261079 RP11-252A24.3 lincRNA 0.00028
ENSG00000257005 RP11-972L6.2 pseudogene 0.00028
ENSG00000178852 EFCAB13 protein_coding EF-hand calcium binding domain 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26864] 0.00028
ENSG00000241596 RP11-326J18.1 other 0.00028
ENSG00000126870 WDR60 protein_coding WD repeat domain 60 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21862] 0.0003
ENSG00000242180 OR51B5 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 51, subfamily B, member 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19599] 0.00033
ENSG00000138002 IFT172 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 172 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30391] 0.00033
ENSG00000237641 RP11-690I21.1 pseudogene 0.00033
ENSG00000269615 AC003973.1 pseudogene 0.00034
ENSG00000232653 GOLGA8N protein_coding golgin A8 family, member N [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44405] 0.00034
ENSG00000174628 IQCK protein_coding IQ motif containing K [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28556] 0.00034
ENSG00000196793 ZNF239 protein_coding zinc finger protein 239 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13031] 0.00035
ENSG00000141698 NT5C3B protein_coding 5'-nucleotidase, cytosolic IIIB [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28300] 0.00036
ENSG00000113209 PCDHB5 protein_coding protocadherin beta 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8690] 0.00037
ENSG00000268649 MIR296 lincRNA microRNA 296 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31617] 0.00038
ENSG00000263142 LRRC37A17P pseudogene leucine rich repeat containing 37, member A17, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48365] 0.00038
ENSG00000260269 CTD-2323K18.1 other 0.00039
ENSG00000236665 AC114808.2 antisense 0.00041
ENSG00000260128 ULK4P2 pseudogene unc-51-like kinase 4 (C. elegans) pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15776] 0.00041
ENSG00000187535 IFT140 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 140 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29077] 0.00041
ENSG00000152582 SPEF2 protein_coding sperm flagellar 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26293] 0.00041
ENSG00000263212 LA16c-306E5.3 other 0.00041
ENSG00000015568 RGPD5 protein_coding RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32418] 0.00041
ENSG00000266040 CTB-58E17.3 antisense 0.00042
ENSG00000245468 RP11-367J11.3 lincRNA 0.00042
ENSG00000140104 C14orf79 protein_coding chromosome 14 open reading frame 79 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20126] 0.00043
ENSG00000215630 GUSBP9 pseudogene glucuronidase, beta pseudogene 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42323] 0.00043
ENSG00000178187 ZNF454 protein_coding zinc finger protein 454 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21200] 0.00044
ENSG00000161996 WDR90 protein_coding WD repeat domain 90 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26960] 0.00044
ENSG00000235052 RP1-150O5.3 lincRNA 0.00046
ENSG00000202341 RNU6-1051P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 1051, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48014] 0.00046
ENSG00000236724 RP11-252M18.3 antisense 0.00046
ENSG00000105072 C19orf44 protein_coding chromosome 19 open reading frame 44 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26141] 0.00047
ENSG00000159714 ZDHHC1 protein_coding zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17916] 0.00049
ENSG00000140948 ZCCHC14 protein_coding zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24134] 0.0005
ENSG00000246448 RP13-578N3.3 antisense 0.0005
ENSG00000229841 RP11-361K17.2 antisense 0.0005
ENSG00000164066 INTU protein_coding inturned planar cell polarity protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29239] 0.0005
ENSG00000245498 RP11-677M14.7 antisense 0.00051
ENSG00000249846 RP11-77P16.4 lincRNA 0.00051
ENSG00000196236 XPNPEP3 protein_coding X-prolyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase P) 3, putative [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28052] 0.00052
ENSG00000018869 ZNF582 protein_coding zinc finger protein 582 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26421] 0.00053
ENSG00000186496 ZNF396 protein_coding zinc finger protein 396 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18824] 0.00053
ENSG00000226153 RP3-389A20.5 pseudogene 0.00054
ENSG00000259124 RP11-187O7.3 lincRNA 0.00056
ENSG00000236432 AC097662.2 antisense 0.00057
ENSG00000251356 RAB5CP2 pseudogene RAB5C, member RAS oncogene family pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45106] 0.00057
ENSG00000259658 RP11-89K11.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:H0YN89] 0.00058
ENSG00000182310 LINC00085 pseudogene long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 85 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27113] 0.00058
ENSG00000113248 PCDHB15 protein_coding protocadherin beta 15 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8686] 0.0006
ENSG00000170919 TPT1-AS1 antisense TPT1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43686] 0.0006
ENSG00000211581 MIR765 other microRNA 765 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33141] 0.00062
ENSG00000264107 RP11-848P1.5 antisense 0.00062
ENSG00000235109 ZSCAN31 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 31 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14097] 0.00062
ENSG00000204310 AGPAT1 protein_coding 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:324] 0.00062
ENSG00000228293 RP4-686C3.7 antisense 0.00063
ENSG00000213435 ATP6V0CP3 pseudogene ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 16kDa, V0 subunit c pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40001] 0.00065
ENSG00000214293 RSBN1L-AS1 other RSBN1L antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44173] 0.00065
ENSG00000116095 PLEKHA3 protein_coding pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A (phosphoinositide binding specific) member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14338] 0.00066
ENSG00000213865 C8orf44 protein_coding chromosome 8 open reading frame 44 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25646] 0.00066
ENSG00000165626 BEND7 protein_coding BEN domain containing 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23514] 0.00066
ENSG00000243000 RP11-504P24.3 pseudogene 0.00068
ENSG00000176293 ZNF135 protein_coding zinc finger protein 135 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12919] 0.00068
ENSG00000105443 CYTH2 protein_coding cytohesin 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9502] 0.0007
ENSG00000253966 CTC-455F18.3 pseudogene 0.0007
ENSG00000241288 RP11-379B18.5 lincRNA 0.0007
ENSG00000047634 SCML1 protein_coding sex comb on midleg-like 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10580] 0.00071
ENSG00000112983 BRD8 protein_coding bromodomain containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19874] 0.00073
ENSG00000232795 SCAND3P1 pseudogene SCAN domain containing 3 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42037] 0.00074
ENSG00000271723 MROH7 protein_coding Maestro heat-like repeat-containing protein family member 7 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q68CQ1] 0.00076
ENSG00000152348 ATG10 protein_coding autophagy related 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20315] 0.00078
ENSG00000160828 STAG3L2 pseudogene stromal antigen 3-like 2 (pseudogene) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33886] 0.00079
ENSG00000232372 RP11-504P24.2 pseudogene 0.0008
ENSG00000163818 LZTFL1 protein_coding leucine zipper transcription factor-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6741] 0.00081
ENSG00000230911 PPIHP1 pseudogene peptidylprolyl isomerase H (cyclophilin H) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31355] 0.00082
ENSG00000124570 SERPINB6 protein_coding serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8950] 0.00082
ENSG00000187607 ZNF286A protein_coding Zinc finger protein 286A [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q9HBT8] 0.00082
ENSG00000206127 GOLGA8O protein_coding golgin A8 family, member O [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44406] 0.00082
ENSG00000272143 FGF14-AS2 lincRNA FGF14 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44368] 0.00083
ENSG00000008405 CRY1 protein_coding cryptochrome 1 (photolyase-like) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2384] 0.00084
ENSG00000254941 RP11-677M14.5 pseudogene 0.00085
ENSG00000130733 YIPF2 protein_coding Yip1 domain family, member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28476] 0.00086
ENSG00000198400 NTRK1 protein_coding neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8031] 0.00087
ENSG00000181038 METTL23 protein_coding methyltransferase like 23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26988] 0.00087
ENSG00000183833 MAATS1 protein_coding MYCBP-associated, testis expressed 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24010] 0.00087
ENSG00000232995 RP11-267N12.3 antisense 0.00088
ENSG00000225361 PPP1R26-AS1 antisense PPP1R26 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48717] 0.0009
ENSG00000260625 RP11-452L6.7 antisense 0.00091
ENSG00000251451 GS1-124K5.6 pseudogene 0.00091
ENSG00000169291 SHE protein_coding Src homology 2 domain containing E [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27004] 0.00094
ENSG00000179476 C14orf28 protein_coding chromosome 14 open reading frame 28 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19834] 0.00095
ENSG00000228201 AL022341.3 antisense 0.00095
ENSG00000254533 AF186192.1 lincRNA 0.00095
ENSG00000254226 CTB-12O2.1 lincRNA 0.00095
ENSG00000165533 TTC8 protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20087] 0.00098
ENSG00000252539 RNA5SP462 other RNA, 5S ribosomal pseudogene 462 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43362] 0.00098
ENSG00000228882 CICP9 pseudogene capicua transcriptional repressor pseudogene 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37758] 0.001
ENSG00000119333 WDR34 protein_coding WD repeat domain 34 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28296] 0.001
ENSG00000260872 RP11-680G24.5 antisense 0.001
ENSG00000205482 AC007000.12 pseudogene 0.001
ENSG00000161671 EMC10 protein_coding ER membrane protein complex subunit 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27609] 0.001
ENSG00000214029 ZNF891 protein_coding zinc finger protein 891 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38709] 0.0011
ENSG00000239154 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.0011
ENSG00000136098 NEK3 protein_coding NIMA-related kinase 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7746] 0.0011
ENSG00000229291 RP4-580N22.2 lincRNA 0.0011
ENSG00000161542 PRPSAP1 protein_coding phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthetase-associated protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9466] 0.0011
ENSG00000187763 OR2B7P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamily B, member 7 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13967] 0.0011
ENSG00000257482 ZNF727 protein_coding zinc finger protein 727 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22785] 0.0012
ENSG00000259592 PRELID1P4 pseudogene PRELI domain containing 1 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43889] 0.0012
ENSG00000270130 RP11-214K3.23 other 0.0012
ENSG00000152487 ARL5B-AS1 lincRNA ARL5B antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44882] 0.0012
ENSG00000253194 RP11-351A11.1 antisense 0.0012
ENSG00000234383 CTBP2P8 pseudogene C-terminal binding protein 2 pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45200] 0.0012
ENSG00000254701 RP11-1415C14.4 pseudogene 0.0012
ENSG00000232581 AC079742.4 antisense 0.0012
ENSG00000271943 RP11-222K16.1 lincRNA 0.0013
ENSG00000156042 TTC18 protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30726] 0.0013
ENSG00000235933 RP5-1185H19.2 lincRNA 0.0013
ENSG00000101751 POLI protein_coding polymerase (DNA directed) iota [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9182] 0.0013
ENSG00000140859 KIFC3 protein_coding kinesin family member C3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6326] 0.0013
ENSG00000254648 RP11-713P17.4 lincRNA 0.0013
ENSG00000229180 GS1-124K5.11 lincRNA 0.0013
ENSG00000246695 RASSF8-AS1 antisense RASSF8 atnisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48637] 0.0013
ENSG00000270006 RP11-178L8.7 antisense 0.0013
ENSG00000224014 RP11-488L18.6 pseudogene 0.0013
ENSG00000250990 AC073635.5 antisense 0.0013
ENSG00000159214 CCDC24 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 24 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28688] 0.0013
ENSG00000166352 C11orf74 protein_coding chromosome 11 open reading frame 74 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25142] 0.0013
ENSG00000238105 GOLGA2B pseudogene 0.0013
ENSG00000200237 SNORA70 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA70 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00156] 0.0014
ENSG00000258524 NT5CP1 pseudogene 5',3'-nucleotidase, cytosolic pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20046] 0.0014
ENSG00000259424 RP11-35O15.1 antisense 0.0014
ENSG00000222018 AP000322.54 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein ENSP00000386791 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:B9A014] 0.0014
ENSG00000185621 LMLN protein_coding leishmanolysin-like (metallopeptidase M8 family) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15991] 0.0014
ENSG00000231064 RP11-263K19.4 antisense 0.0014
ENSG00000110274 CEP164 protein_coding centrosomal protein 164kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29182] 0.0014
ENSG00000220237 RPS24P12 pseudogene ribosomal protein S24 pseudogene 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35623] 0.0014
ENSG00000203993 C9orf37 protein_coding chromosome 9 open reading frame 37 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23395] 0.0015
ENSG00000182912 C21orf90 protein_coding chromosome 21 open reading frame 90 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16428] 0.0015
ENSG00000255000 AC139103.1 pseudogene 0.0015
ENSG00000105792 C7orf63 protein_coding chromosome 7 open reading frame 63 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26107] 0.0015
ENSG00000205084 TMEM231 protein_coding transmembrane protein 231 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37234] 0.0015
ENSG00000236532 AL035610.2 lincRNA 0.0015
ENSG00000224596 ZMIZ1-AS1 antisense ZMIZ1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27433] 0.0015
ENSG00000272086 CTD-2186M15.3 lincRNA 0.0015
ENSG00000236153 AC104076.3 antisense 0.0015
ENSG00000184436 THAP7 protein_coding THAP domain containing 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23190] 0.0015
ENSG00000176371 ZSCAN2 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20994] 0.0015
ENSG00000225693 RP11-54K16.2 pseudogene 0.0015
ENSG00000000003 TSPAN6 protein_coding tetraspanin 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11858] 0.0015
ENSG00000085185 BCORL1 protein_coding BCL6 corepressor-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25657] 0.0015
ENSG00000259538 RP11-671M22.6 pseudogene 0.0016
ENSG00000246889 AP000487.5 antisense 0.0016
ENSG00000258982 RP11-638I2.4 antisense 0.0016
ENSG00000259046 RP11-857B24.2 pseudogene 0.0016
ENSG00000154240 CEP112 protein_coding centrosomal protein 112kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28514] 0.0016
ENSG00000230373 GOLGA6L5 pseudogene golgin A6 family-like 5 (pseudogene) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30472] 0.0017
ENSG00000171962 LRRC48 protein_coding leucine rich repeat containing 48 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25384] 0.0017
ENSG00000114107 CEP70 protein_coding centrosomal protein 70kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29972] 0.0017
ENSG00000200176 RNU1-19P other RNA, U1 small nuclear 19, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41945] 0.0017
ENSG00000185684 EP400NL protein_coding EP400 N-terminal like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26602] 0.0017
ENSG00000264964 RP11-888D10.3 lincRNA 0.0017
ENSG00000231856 RP11-327P2.5 antisense 0.0017
ENSG00000247765 RP11-32B5.7 lincRNA 0.0017
ENSG00000139971 C14orf37 protein_coding chromosome 14 open reading frame 37 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19846] 0.0017
ENSG00000180987 AC123768.1 pseudogene 0.0017
ENSG00000007541 PIGQ protein_coding phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class Q [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14135] 0.0017
ENSG00000253263 KB-1507C5.3 other 0.0017
ENSG00000261485 PAN3-AS1 antisense PAN3 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39932] 0.0017
ENSG00000260046 RP11-454K7.3 lincRNA 0.0017
ENSG00000271587 GS1-531I17.3 pseudogene 0.0018
ENSG00000223731 SUPT20HL1 pseudogene suppressor of Ty 20 homolog (S. cerevisiae)-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30773] 0.0018
ENSG00000261280 CTD-3105H18.13 lincRNA 0.0018
ENSG00000167612 ANKRD33 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 33 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13788] 0.0018
ENSG00000184348 HIST1H2AK protein_coding histone cluster 1, H2ak [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4726] 0.0018
ENSG00000259665 RP11-323I15.3 pseudogene 0.0018
ENSG00000249359 RP11-374A4.1 lincRNA 0.0018
ENSG00000202444 RNU5E-6P other RNA, U5E small nuclear 6, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42522] 0.0018
ENSG00000188710 QRFP protein_coding pyroglutamylated RFamide peptide [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29982] 0.0018
ENSG00000188266 HYKK protein_coding hydroxylysine kinase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34403] 0.0018
ENSG00000257900 RP11-454K7.1 lincRNA 0.0018
ENSG00000214820 MPRIPP1 pseudogene myosin phosphatase Rho interacting protein pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44594] 0.0018
ENSG00000226342 NMD3P1 pseudogene NMD3 homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22672] 0.0018
ENSG00000113205 PCDHB3 protein_coding protocadherin beta 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8688] 0.0018
ENSG00000218872 RP11-249L21.2 pseudogene 0.0019
ENSG00000258998 RP11-398E10.1 lincRNA 0.0019
ENSG00000249430 CTD-2231H16.1 lincRNA 0.0019
ENSG00000234284 ZNF879 protein_coding zinc finger protein 879 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37273] 0.0019
ENSG00000169592 INO80E protein_coding INO80 complex subunit E [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26905] 0.0019
ENSG00000167595 C19orf55 protein_coding chromosome 19 open reading frame 55 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25204] 0.0019
ENSG00000268006 PTOV1-AS1 antisense PTOV1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44174] 0.0019
ENSG00000227527 RP11-223A3.1 other 0.0019
ENSG00000232284 GNG12-AS1 antisense GNG12 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43938] 0.0019
ENSG00000186409 CCDC30 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 30 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26103] 0.002
ENSG00000144362 PHOSPHO2 protein_coding phosphatase, orphan 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28316] 0.002
ENSG00000242999 RN7SL239P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 239, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46255] 0.002
ENSG00000173258 ZNF483 protein_coding zinc finger protein 483 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23384] 0.002
ENSG00000160055 TMEM234 protein_coding transmembrane protein 234 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28837] 0.002
ENSG00000259499 RP11-616K22.2 lincRNA 0.002
ENSG00000150477 KIAA1328 protein_coding KIAA1328 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29248] 0.0021
ENSG00000268854 CTD-2545M3.2 antisense 0.0021
ENSG00000232545 KB-318B8.7 other 0.0021
ENSG00000145075 CCDC39 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 39 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25244] 0.0021
ENSG00000270810 RP11-274B21.8 lincRNA 0.0021
ENSG00000267640 CTD-2554C21.2 lincRNA 0.0021
ENSG00000204518 AADACL4 protein_coding arylacetamide deacetylase-like 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32038] 0.0022
ENSG00000260194 RP11-357N13.2 antisense 0.0022
ENSG00000174353 STAG3L3 protein_coding stromal antigen 3-like 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33845] 0.0022
ENSG00000265379 AC008752.2 other 0.0022
ENSG00000186399 GOLGA8R protein_coding golgin A8 family, member R [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44407] 0.0023
ENSG00000232202 AC098824.6 pseudogene 0.0023
ENSG00000141449 GREB1L protein_coding growth regulation by estrogen in breast cancer-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31042] 0.0023
ENSG00000223575 RBMX2P3 pseudogene RNA binding motif protein, X-linked 2 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39925] 0.0023
ENSG00000231464 AC024937.4 pseudogene 0.0023
ENSG00000262470 TVP23CP2 pseudogene trans-golgi network vesicle protein 23 homolog C (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44647] 0.0023
ENSG00000261308 RP11-923I11.7 pseudogene 0.0024
ENSG00000237243 AC022173.2 antisense 0.0024
ENSG00000234147 RP3-460G2.2 lincRNA 0.0024
ENSG00000009830 POMT2 protein_coding protein-O-mannosyltransferase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19743] 0.0024
ENSG00000259138 RP11-950C14.7 antisense 0.0024
ENSG00000253366 RP11-589F5.4 pseudogene 0.0024
ENSG00000227260 AC116035.1 lincRNA 0.0024
ENSG00000167355 AC104389.28 other 0.0024
ENSG00000151327 FAM177A1 protein_coding family with sequence similarity 177, member A1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19829] 0.0024
ENSG00000257243 RP11-133N21.7 pseudogene 0.0024
ENSG00000227588 CNTN4-AS2 lincRNA CNTN4 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39986] 0.0024
ENSG00000242296 DEFB109P1 pseudogene defensin, beta 109, pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18090] 0.0025
ENSG00000258325 RP4-816N1.6 antisense 0.0025
ENSG00000267959 MIR3188 lincRNA microRNA 3188 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38226] 0.0025
ENSG00000251609 SETP12 pseudogene SET pseudogene 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42931] 0.0025
ENSG00000251247 ZNF345 protein_coding zinc finger protein 345 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16367] 0.0025
ENSG00000204764 RANBP17 protein_coding RAN binding protein 17 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14428] 0.0025
ENSG00000258839 MC1R protein_coding melanocortin 1 receptor (alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6929] 0.0025
ENSG00000100360 IFT27 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 27 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18626] 0.0025
ENSG00000269358 AC138393.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:M0QYQ5] 0.0025
ENSG00000255250 CTD-2005H7.2 lincRNA 0.0025
ENSG00000100124 ANKRD54 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 54 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25185] 0.0025
ENSG00000232363 RP1-102D24.5 antisense 0.0025
ENSG00000267119 RPL10P15 pseudogene 0.0026
ENSG00000269054 CTD-2619J13.3 antisense 0.0026
ENSG00000226891 RP11-182I10.3 lincRNA 0.0026
ENSG00000139990 DCAF5 protein_coding DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20224] 0.0026
ENSG00000241472 PTPRG-AS1 other PTPRG antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44638] 0.0026
ENSG00000188073 PMS2P10 pseudogene postmeiotic segregation increased 2 pseudogene 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9124] 0.0026
ENSG00000272146 RP11-755B10.4 antisense 0.0026
ENSG00000169964 TMEM42 protein_coding transmembrane protein 42 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28444] 0.0026
ENSG00000255322 RP11-22P4.1 lincRNA 0.0026
ENSG00000179899 PHC1P1 pseudogene polyhomeotic homolog 1 (Drosophila) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34502] 0.0026
ENSG00000187372 PCDHB13 protein_coding protocadherin beta 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8684] 0.0026
ENSG00000156140 ADAMTS3 protein_coding ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:219] 0.0026
ENSG00000230189 GS1-124K5.2 pseudogene 0.0026
ENSG00000267295 CTD-2319I12.3 pseudogene 0.0026
ENSG00000225934 RP4-566D2.1 pseudogene 0.0027
ENSG00000232517 AC112198.1 pseudogene 0.0027
ENSG00000108641 B9D1 protein_coding B9 protein domain 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24123] 0.0027
ENSG00000137868 STRA6 protein_coding stimulated by retinoic acid 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30650] 0.0027
ENSG00000198237 RP11-98J23.2 pseudogene 0.0027
ENSG00000258131 RP11-541G9.1 other 0.0027
ENSG00000254506 RP11-748H22.1 pseudogene 0.0028
ENSG00000224790 AP000704.5 lincRNA 0.0028
ENSG00000013619 MAMLD1 protein_coding mastermind-like domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2568] 0.0028
ENSG00000271623 RP11-435I10.5 pseudogene 0.0028
ENSG00000184206 GOLGA6L4 protein_coding golgin A6 family-like 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27256] 0.0029
ENSG00000214827 MTCP1 protein_coding mature T-cell proliferation 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7423] 0.0029
ENSG00000271963 CTD-2140B24.6 antisense 0.0029
ENSG00000206817 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.0029
ENSG00000224239 AC090044.2 lincRNA 0.0029
ENSG00000235530 AC087294.2 antisense 0.0029
ENSG00000009780 FAM76A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 76, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28530] 0.0029
ENSG00000224775 BRAFP1 pseudogene v-raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18615] 0.003
ENSG00000163093 BBS5 protein_coding Bardet-Biedl syndrome 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:970] 0.003
ENSG00000260236 RP11-708J19.1 antisense 0.003
ENSG00000261136 RP11-37C7.3 antisense 0.003
ENSG00000233090 AC015922.7 pseudogene 0.003
ENSG00000169231 THBS3 protein_coding thrombospondin 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11787] 0.003
ENSG00000248677 CTD-2044J15.1 lincRNA 0.003
ENSG00000197915 HRNR protein_coding hornerin [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20846] 0.003
ENSG00000231049 OR52B5P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 52, subfamily B, member 5 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15210] 0.0031
ENSG00000241549 GUSBP2 pseudogene glucuronidase, beta pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18792] 0.0031
ENSG00000236842 RP11-399K21.10 antisense 0.0031
ENSG00000272293 RP11-91J19.3 antisense 0.0031
ENSG00000204623 ZNRD1-AS1 antisense ZNRD1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13924] 0.0031
ENSG00000250983 RP11-91K8.2 pseudogene 0.0031
ENSG00000223198 RNU2-22P other RNA, U2 small nuclear 22, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48515] 0.0032
ENSG00000271608 RP11-697G4.4 pseudogene 0.0032
ENSG00000259606 RP11-316E14.6 antisense 0.0032
ENSG00000213540 RP11-486G15.1 pseudogene 0.0032
ENSG00000179889 PDXDC1 protein_coding pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28995] 0.0032
ENSG00000225768 RP11-127O4.3 lincRNA 0.0033
ENSG00000166262 FAM227B protein_coding family with sequence similarity 227, member B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26543] 0.0033
ENSG00000258284 POLR2KP1 pseudogene polymerase (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide K, 7.0kDa pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42650] 0.0033
ENSG00000239367 RN7SL477P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 477, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46493] 0.0033
ENSG00000172554 SNTG2 protein_coding syntrophin, gamma 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13741] 0.0033
ENSG00000089091 DZANK1 protein_coding double zinc ribbon and ankyrin repeat domains 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15858] 0.0033
ENSG00000236390 RP11-25B7.1 antisense 0.0033
ENSG00000228106 RP11-452F19.3 lincRNA 0.0033
ENSG00000260185 RP11-432I5.6 antisense 0.0034
ENSG00000225798 AC025918.2 antisense 0.0034
ENSG00000032742 IFT88 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 88 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20606] 0.0034
ENSG00000228212 OFD1P17 pseudogene OFD1 pseudogene 17 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1332] 0.0034
ENSG00000114988 LMAN2L protein_coding lectin, mannose-binding 2-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19263] 0.0034
ENSG00000167740 CYB5D2 protein_coding cytochrome b5 domain containing 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28471] 0.0035
ENSG00000238267 RP11-241K18.2 pseudogene 0.0035
ENSG00000137166 FOXP4 protein_coding forkhead box P4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20842] 0.0035
ENSG00000102543 CDADC1 protein_coding cytidine and dCMP deaminase domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20299] 0.0035
ENSG00000132906 CASP9 protein_coding caspase 9, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1511] 0.0035
ENSG00000198155 ZNF876P pseudogene zinc finger protein 876, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32472] 0.0035
ENSG00000184708 EIF4ENIF1 protein_coding eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E nuclear import factor 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16687] 0.0036
ENSG00000246596 RP11-1277A3.2 pseudogene 0.0036
ENSG00000232953 HSPA8P18 pseudogene heat shock 70kDa protein 8 pseudogene 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44933] 0.0036
ENSG00000264229 RNU4ATAC antisense RNA, U4atac small nuclear (U12-dependent splicing) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34016] 0.0036
ENSG00000100439 ABHD4 protein_coding abhydrolase domain containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20154] 0.0036
ENSG00000270016 RP11-932O9.8 antisense 0.0036
ENSG00000268538 KIAA1658 protein_coding 0.0037
ENSG00000168890 TMEM150A protein_coding transmembrane protein 150A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24677] 0.0037
ENSG00000080823 MOK protein_coding MOK protein kinase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9833] 0.0037
ENSG00000148143 ZNF462 protein_coding zinc finger protein 462 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21684] 0.0037
ENSG00000258359 PCNPP1 pseudogene PEST containing nuclear protein pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32440] 0.0037
ENSG00000250790 RP11-46H11.3 lincRNA 0.0037
ENSG00000143363 PRUNE protein_coding prune exopolyphosphatase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13420] 0.0037
ENSG00000248794 CTD-2248H3.1 pseudogene 0.0038
ENSG00000125122 LRRC29 protein_coding leucine rich repeat containing 29 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13605] 0.0038
ENSG00000182477 OR2B8P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamily B, member 8 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13968] 0.0038
ENSG00000124613 ZNF391 protein_coding zinc finger protein 391 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18779] 0.0038
ENSG00000111727 HCFC2 protein_coding host cell factor C2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24972] 0.0039
ENSG00000213077 FAM106A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 106, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25682] 0.0039
ENSG00000256223 ZNF10 protein_coding zinc finger protein 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12879] 0.0039
ENSG00000254333 CTC-367J11.1 lincRNA 0.0039
ENSG00000240996 RP11-80H5.7 lincRNA 0.0039
ENSG00000260988 RP11-285A1.1 lincRNA 0.004
ENSG00000120262 CCDC170 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 170 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21177] 0.004
ENSG00000011451 WIZ protein_coding widely interspaced zinc finger motifs [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30917] 0.004
ENSG00000265912 RP11-583F2.2 other 0.004
ENSG00000144730 IL17RD protein_coding interleukin 17 receptor D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17616] 0.004
ENSG00000239254 RP11-365F18.3 pseudogene 0.004
ENSG00000270061 RP11-214K3.19 other 0.004
ENSG00000151687 ANKAR protein_coding ankyrin and armadillo repeat containing [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26350] 0.004
ENSG00000205464 ATP6AP1L protein_coding ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal accessory protein 1-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28091] 0.004
ENSG00000239520 RPL17P42 pseudogene ribosomal protein L17 pseudogene 42 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36749] 0.0041
ENSG00000235907 RP4-580O19.2 pseudogene 0.0041
ENSG00000163016 ALMS1P pseudogene Alstrom syndrome 1 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29586] 0.0041
ENSG00000196095 AC126182.1 pseudogene 0.0041
ENSG00000167216 KATNAL2 protein_coding katanin p60 subunit A-like 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25387] 0.0041
ENSG00000172650 AGAP5 protein_coding ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23467] 0.0041
ENSG00000163945 UVSSA protein_coding UV-stimulated scaffold protein A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29304] 0.0041
ENSG00000214290 C11orf93 protein_coding chromosome 11 open reading frame 93 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26978] 0.0041
ENSG00000111834 RSPH4A protein_coding radial spoke head 4 homolog A (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21558] 0.0042
ENSG00000232485 AC098820.3 other 0.0042
ENSG00000163116 STPG2 protein_coding sperm-tail PG-rich repeat containing 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28712] 0.0043
ENSG00000169239 CA5B protein_coding carbonic anhydrase VB, mitochondrial [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1378] 0.0043
ENSG00000007341 ST7L protein_coding suppression of tumorigenicity 7 like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18441] 0.0043
ENSG00000214102 WEE2 protein_coding WEE1 homolog 2 (S. pombe) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19684] 0.0044
ENSG00000167543 TP53I13 protein_coding tumor protein p53 inducible protein 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25102] 0.0044
ENSG00000248240 RP11-159F24.5 antisense 0.0044
ENSG00000271612 KB-1980E6.4 pseudogene 0.0044
ENSG00000262952 AC139099.6 lincRNA 0.0044
ENSG00000176809 LRRC37A3 protein_coding leucine rich repeat containing 37, member A3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32427] 0.0044
ENSG00000250220 RP11-692D12.1 antisense 0.0044
ENSG00000225903 RP1-144F13.3 antisense 0.0045
ENSG00000011275 RNF216 protein_coding ring finger protein 216 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21698] 0.0045
ENSG00000171496 OR1L8 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 1, subfamily L, member 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15110] 0.0046
ENSG00000230490 RP11-141M1.3 lincRNA 0.0046
ENSG00000258845 RP11-945F5.1 lincRNA 0.0046
ENSG00000233178 RP11-88I18.2 antisense 0.0046
ENSG00000249234 RP11-452J21.2 antisense 0.0046
ENSG00000154721 JAM2 protein_coding junctional adhesion molecule 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14686] 0.0047
ENSG00000223730 RP1-127B20.4 pseudogene 0.0047
ENSG00000247324 RP11-510M2.2 antisense 0.0048
ENSG00000169371 SNUPN protein_coding snurportin 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14245] 0.0048
ENSG00000235790 RP11-73M7.6 antisense 0.0048
ENSG00000205323 SARNP protein_coding SAP domain containing ribonucleoprotein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24432] 0.0048
ENSG00000149292 TTC12 protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23700] 0.0048
ENSG00000220581 VN1R12P pseudogene vomeronasal 1 receptor 12 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18722] 0.0048
ENSG00000203546 RP11-176H8.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:F8W1H4] 0.0049
ENSG00000160051 IQCC protein_coding IQ motif containing C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25545] 0.0049
ENSG00000181085 MAPK15 protein_coding mitogen-activated protein kinase 15 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24667] 0.0049
ENSG00000125864 BFSP1 protein_coding beaded filament structural protein 1, filensin [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1040] 0.0049
ENSG00000258024 RP11-762H13.1 pseudogene 0.0049
ENSG00000268079 RP11-157B13.6 pseudogene 0.0049
ENSG00000128918 ALDH1A2 protein_coding aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15472] 0.0049
ENSG00000259523 RP11-680F8.3 antisense 0.0049
ENSG00000178115 GOLGA8Q protein_coding golgin A8 family, member Q [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44408] 0.0049
ENSG00000172640 OR10AD1 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 10, subfamily AD, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14819] 0.0049
ENSG00000227199 ST7-AS1 antisense ST7 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16000] 0.0049
ENSG00000231952 AC018648.5 pseudogene 0.0049
ENSG00000257489 RP11-175P13.3 pseudogene 0.005
ENSG00000167994 RAB3IL1 protein_coding RAB3A interacting protein (rabin3)-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9780] 0.005
ENSG00000124596 OARD1 protein_coding O-acyl-ADP-ribose deacylase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21257] 0.005
ENSG00000228791 THRB-AS1 lincRNA THRB antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44515] 0.005
ENSG00000115211 EIF2B4 protein_coding eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B, subunit 4 delta, 67kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3260] 0.005
ENSG00000196345 ZKSCAN7 protein_coding zinc finger with KRAB and SCAN domains 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12955] 0.0051
ENSG00000260077 RP11-254F7.2 lincRNA 0.0051
ENSG00000102098 SCML2 protein_coding sex comb on midleg-like 2 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10581] 0.0051
ENSG00000138286 FAM149B1 protein_coding family with sequence similarity 149, member B1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29162] 0.0051
ENSG00000228412 RP4-625H18.2 lincRNA 0.0051
ENSG00000237877 AC097500.2 lincRNA 0.0051
ENSG00000224678 GAPDHP46 pseudogene glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase pseudogene 46 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37804] 0.0051
ENSG00000271155 RP11-435O5.5 antisense 0.0051
ENSG00000236680 RP11-296P7.4 pseudogene 0.0051
ENSG00000165121 RP11-213G2.3 pseudogene 0.0052
ENSG00000227896 RP11-77P6.2 antisense 0.0052
ENSG00000241481 AC159540.2 lincRNA 0.0052
ENSG00000196659 TTC30B protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 30B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26425] 0.0052
ENSG00000156345 CDK20 protein_coding cyclin-dependent kinase 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21420] 0.0052
ENSG00000222046 DCDC2B protein_coding doublecortin domain containing 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32576] 0.0052
ENSG00000259378 DCAF13P3 pseudogene DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 13 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43868] 0.0052
ENSG00000272323 CTD-2517O10.6 antisense 0.0052
ENSG00000163001 CCDC104 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 104 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30540] 0.0052
ENSG00000243297 RPL31P61 pseudogene ribosomal protein L31 pseudogene 61 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35635] 0.0053
ENSG00000232479 AC010900.2 pseudogene 0.0053
ENSG00000242687 AC004893.11 antisense 0.0053
ENSG00000070081 NUCB2 protein_coding nucleobindin 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8044] 0.0053
ENSG00000261083 RP11-93I21.3 lincRNA 0.0053
ENSG00000154309 DISP1 protein_coding dispatched homolog 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19711] 0.0053
ENSG00000251070 BMS1P6 pseudogene BMS1 pseudogene 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23654] 0.0053
ENSG00000166548 TK2 protein_coding thymidine kinase 2, mitochondrial [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11831] 0.0053
ENSG00000237861 RP11-332L8.1 pseudogene 0.0054
ENSG00000255850 TMEM5-AS1 antisense TMEM5 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48910] 0.0054
ENSG00000260493 RP11-219B4.7 antisense 0.0054
ENSG00000134480 CCNH protein_coding cyclin H [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1594] 0.0055
ENSG00000261584 RP11-457M11.5 lincRNA 0.0055
ENSG00000257270 RP11-521B24.5 antisense 0.0055
ENSG00000096070 BRPF3 protein_coding bromodomain and PHD finger containing, 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14256] 0.0055
ENSG00000227948 AC003989.4 pseudogene 0.0055
ENSG00000056277 ZNF280C protein_coding zinc finger protein 280C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25955] 0.0055
ENSG00000166884 OR4D6 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 4, subfamily D, member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15175] 0.0055
ENSG00000272156 RP11-477N3.1 lincRNA 0.0055
ENSG00000233455 RP4-667H12.4 pseudogene 0.0055
ENSG00000251600 RP11-673E1.1 lincRNA 0.0056
ENSG00000229427 ANKRD26P4 pseudogene ankyrin repeat domain 26 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39690] 0.0056
ENSG00000271847 RP4-740C4.8 other 0.0056
ENSG00000146350 TBC1D32 protein_coding TBC1 domain family, member 32 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21485] 0.0057
ENSG00000224418 STK24-AS1 antisense STK24 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39935] 0.0057
ENSG00000235271 RP1-90L6.3 lincRNA 0.0057
ENSG00000225235 DDX26B-AS1 antisense DDX26B antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41180] 0.0057
ENSG00000266983 CTC-232P5.1 antisense 0.0057
ENSG00000227354 RBM26-AS1 antisense RBM26 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39805] 0.0057
ENSG00000176034 CHDC2 protein_coding calponin homology domain containing 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26708] 0.0058
ENSG00000258458 CTD-2555K7.2 other 0.0058
ENSG00000245149 RP11-383J24.5 lincRNA 0.0058
ENSG00000260273 RP11-425D10.10 antisense 0.0058
ENSG00000137817 PARP6 protein_coding poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family, member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26921] 0.0059
ENSG00000271324 RP11-10C24.2 lincRNA 0.0059
ENSG00000204348 DOM3Z protein_coding dom-3 homolog Z (C. elegans) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2992] 0.0059
ENSG00000257543 RP11-321F8.4 lincRNA 0.0059
ENSG00000268743 CTD-2538G9.5 other 0.0059
ENSG00000146776 ATXN7L1 protein_coding ataxin 7-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22210] 0.0059
ENSG00000226636 RP5-1049N15.2 pseudogene 0.0059
ENSG00000188554 NBR1 protein_coding neighbor of BRCA1 gene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6746] 0.006
ENSG00000132881 RSG1 protein_coding REM2 and RAB-like small GTPase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28127] 0.006
ENSG00000203761 MSTO2P pseudogene misato homolog 2 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26329] 0.006
ENSG00000196235 SUPT5H protein_coding suppressor of Ty 5 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11469] 0.006
ENSG00000140365 COMMD4 protein_coding COMM domain containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26027] 0.006
ENSG00000258188 RP11-146E13.4 lincRNA 0.0061
ENSG00000267049 AC002398.13 antisense 0.0061
ENSG00000216809 RP11-57K17.1 pseudogene 0.0061
ENSG00000259392 RP11-758N13.3 pseudogene 0.0061
ENSG00000237404 RP3-471C18.2 lincRNA 0.0061
ENSG00000249320 RP11-206P5.1 pseudogene 0.0061
ENSG00000238049 LL0XNC01-105G4.3 pseudogene 0.0061
ENSG00000226878 GSTM3P2 pseudogene glutathione S-transferase mu 3 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38006] 0.0061
ENSG00000269779 CTD-2542C24.2 pseudogene 0.0061
ENSG00000265094 RP11-178F10.1 other 0.0061
ENSG00000228109 MFI2-AS1 antisense MFI2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40373] 0.0061
ENSG00000167566 NCKAP5L protein_coding NCK-associated protein 5-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29321] 0.0061
ENSG00000238621 TRNAI2 other transfer RNA isoleucine 2 (anticodon UAU) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34587] 0.0062
ENSG00000100228 RAB36 protein_coding RAB36, member RAS oncogene family [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9775] 0.0062
ENSG00000085998 POMGNT1 protein_coding protein O-linked mannose beta1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19139] 0.0062
ENSG00000109576 AADAT protein_coding aminoadipate aminotransferase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17929] 0.0063
ENSG00000123094 RASSF8 protein_coding Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family (N-terminal) member 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13232] 0.0063
ENSG00000196653 ZNF502 protein_coding zinc finger protein 502 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23718] 0.0063
ENSG00000198521 ZNF43 protein_coding zinc finger protein 43 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13109] 0.0063
ENSG00000116032 GRIN3B protein_coding glutamate receptor, ionotropic, N-methyl-D-aspartate 3B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16768] 0.0063
ENSG00000145375 SPATA5 protein_coding spermatogenesis associated 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18119] 0.0063
ENSG00000212418 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.0063
ENSG00000235619 RP11-156G14.5 pseudogene 0.0063
ENSG00000214510 SPINK13 protein_coding serine peptidase inhibitor, Kazal type 13 (putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27200] 0.0063
ENSG00000144061 NPHP1 protein_coding nephronophthisis 1 (juvenile) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7905] 0.0064
ENSG00000231770 TMEM44-AS1 antisense TMEM44 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44272] 0.0064
ENSG00000242267 SKINTL pseudogene Skint-like, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33993] 0.0064
ENSG00000272202 RP11-157F20.3 antisense 0.0064
ENSG00000137103 TMEM8B protein_coding transmembrane protein 8B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21427] 0.0065
ENSG00000272431 RP11-281O15.8 lincRNA 0.0065
ENSG00000228775 WEE2-AS1 other WEE2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48669] 0.0066
ENSG00000231367 AC016995.3 lincRNA 0.0066
ENSG00000239650 GUSBP4 pseudogene glucuronidase, beta pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18220] 0.0066
ENSG00000160199 PKNOX1 protein_coding PBX/knotted 1 homeobox 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9022] 0.0066
ENSG00000228702 RP11-671E7.1 pseudogene 0.0066
ENSG00000256061 DYX1C1 protein_coding dyslexia susceptibility 1 candidate 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21493] 0.0066
ENSG00000243701 LINC00883 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 883 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48569] 0.0066
ENSG00000241058 NSUN6 protein_coding NOP2/Sun domain family, member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23529] 0.0066
ENSG00000232457 SLC16A6P1 pseudogene SLC16A6 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48932] 0.0066
ENSG00000204227 RING1 protein_coding ring finger protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10018] 0.0067
ENSG00000267221 CTD-2132N18.2 other 0.0067
ENSG00000163138 PACRGL protein_coding PARK2 co-regulated-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28442] 0.0067
ENSG00000259992 RP11-77K12.8 other 0.0067
ENSG00000223547 ZNF844 protein_coding zinc finger protein 844 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25932] 0.0068
ENSG00000248866 USP46-AS1 lincRNA USP46 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43991] 0.0068
ENSG00000224069 CTD-2183H9.7 pseudogene 0.0068
ENSG00000237436 RP11-312B8.1 antisense 0.0068
ENSG00000203666 EFCAB2 protein_coding EF-hand calcium binding domain 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28166] 0.0069
ENSG00000254748 HNRNPCP8 pseudogene heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48819] 0.0069
ENSG00000254374 GOLGA6L10 pseudogene golgin A6 family-like 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37228] 0.0069
ENSG00000223727 AC026188.1 lincRNA 0.0069
ENSG00000238195 CTA-503F6.2 lincRNA 0.007
ENSG00000259062 ACTN1-AS1 antisense ACTN1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20131] 0.007
ENSG00000240399 RP1-228P16.1 pseudogene 0.007
ENSG00000271095 AC003973.6 pseudogene 0.007
ENSG00000266313 RP11-173M1.4 lincRNA 0.007
ENSG00000203734 ECT2L protein_coding epithelial cell transforming sequence 2 oncogene-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21118] 0.007
ENSG00000261117 RP11-333O1.1 lincRNA 0.007
ENSG00000261252 RP11-318L16.6 lincRNA 0.007
ENSG00000135338 LCA5 protein_coding Leber congenital amaurosis 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31923] 0.007
ENSG00000228014 RP11-321E8.5 pseudogene 0.007
ENSG00000153666 GOLGA8I protein_coding golgin A8 family, member I [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26660] 0.0071
ENSG00000267781 SLC25A36P1 pseudogene SLC25A36 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48935] 0.0071
ENSG00000183929 DUSP5P1 pseudogene dual specificity phosphatase 5 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32020] 0.0071
ENSG00000104497 SNX16 protein_coding sorting nexin 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14980] 0.0071
ENSG00000240991 RPL23AP67 pseudogene ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 67 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36658] 0.0071
ENSG00000250354 RP11-76G10.1 antisense 0.0071
ENSG00000125991 ERGIC3 protein_coding ERGIC and golgi 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15927] 0.0072
ENSG00000235268 KDM4E protein_coding lysine (K)-specific demethylase 4E [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37098] 0.0072
ENSG00000261118 RP11-104N10.1 antisense 0.0072
ENSG00000160972 PPP1R16A protein_coding protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 16A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14941] 0.0072
ENSG00000158164 TMSB15A protein_coding thymosin beta 15a [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30744] 0.0072
ENSG00000249054 RP11-598F7.1 lincRNA 0.0073
ENSG00000205485 AC004980.7 pseudogene 0.0073
ENSG00000197054 ZNF763 protein_coding zinc finger protein 763 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27614] 0.0073
ENSG00000226912 ISCA2P1 pseudogene iron-sulfur cluster assembly 2 homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38022] 0.0073
ENSG00000257548 RP11-797M17.1 other 0.0073
ENSG00000174572 RP11-209A2.1 pseudogene 0.0073
ENSG00000205740 AL359878.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:E7EPV4] 0.0073
ENSG00000250658 RP11-138B4.1 lincRNA 0.0074
ENSG00000241316 RP11-81N13.1 lincRNA 0.0074
ENSG00000249288 SLC25A15P5 pseudogene solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; ornithine transporter) member 15 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39846] 0.0074
ENSG00000165164 CXorf22 protein_coding chromosome X open reading frame 22 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28546] 0.0074
ENSG00000239920 AC015691.13 antisense 0.0075
ENSG00000237815 AC007000.11 pseudogene 0.0075
ENSG00000133739 LRRCC1 protein_coding leucine rich repeat and coiled-coil centrosomal protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29373] 0.0075
ENSG00000255153 TOLLIP-AS1 antisense TOLLIP antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27403] 0.0075
ENSG00000179029 TMEM107 protein_coding transmembrane protein 107 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28128] 0.0075
ENSG00000261248 AC009120.10 lincRNA 0.0075
ENSG00000256525 POLG2 protein_coding polymerase (DNA directed), gamma 2, accessory subunit [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9180] 0.0075
ENSG00000199237 RNU6-834P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 834, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47797] 0.0075
ENSG00000106236 NPTX2 protein_coding neuronal pentraxin II [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7953] 0.0075
ENSG00000264943 SH3GL1P2 pseudogene SH3-domain GRB2-like 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10836] 0.0075
ENSG00000215097 DUSP8P3 pseudogene dual specificity phosphatase 8 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3077] 0.0075
ENSG00000232750 RP11-177A2.5 pseudogene 0.0077
ENSG00000260954 LA16c-425C2.1 other 0.0077
ENSG00000236816 ANKRD20A7P pseudogene ankyrin repeat domain 20 family, member A7, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31980] 0.0077
ENSG00000224728 AC090945.1 pseudogene 0.0077
ENSG00000251073 NUDT19P5 pseudogene nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X)-type motif 19 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43589] 0.0078
ENSG00000259628 RP11-467H10.2 other 0.0078
ENSG00000249210 GAPDHP38 pseudogene glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase pseudogene 38 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37792] 0.0078
ENSG00000229137 RP11-101P17.11 lincRNA 0.0078
ENSG00000161551 ZNF577 protein_coding zinc finger protein 577 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28673] 0.0078
ENSG00000111752 PHC1 protein_coding polyhomeotic homolog 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3182] 0.0078
ENSG00000135482 ZC3H10 protein_coding zinc finger CCCH-type containing 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25893] 0.0078
ENSG00000104983 CCDC61 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 61 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33629] 0.0079
ENSG00000233775 RP4-811H24.9 lincRNA 0.0079
ENSG00000134461 ANKRD16 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23471] 0.0079
ENSG00000270953 RP11-2E11.9 antisense 0.0079
ENSG00000172748 ZNF596 protein_coding zinc finger protein 596 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27268] 0.0079
ENSG00000088970 PLK1S1 other polo-like kinase 1 substrate 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15865] 0.0079
ENSG00000269916 RP11-193M21.1 lincRNA 0.0079
ENSG00000236756 DNAJC9-AS1 antisense DNAJC9 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31432] 0.0079
ENSG00000253223 RP11-409C19.2 pseudogene 0.0079
ENSG00000231069 BX842568.4 pseudogene 0.008
ENSG00000242288 RP11-464F9.1 other 0.008
ENSG00000255370 CYCSP25 pseudogene cytochrome c, somatic pseudogene 25 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24399] 0.008
ENSG00000259180 RP11-420M1.2 antisense 0.0082
ENSG00000235575 RP4-800F24.1 antisense 0.0082
ENSG00000267708 RP11-147L13.7 pseudogene 0.0082
ENSG00000255669 RP11-885B4.2 lincRNA 0.0082
ENSG00000251128 WWC2-AS1 antisense WWC2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41041] 0.0083
ENSG00000260927 RP11-459F6.3 antisense 0.0083
ENSG00000266075 RN7SL574P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 574, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46590] 0.0083
ENSG00000135976 ANKRD36 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 36 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24079] 0.0084
ENSG00000253540 FAM86HP pseudogene family with sequence similarity 86, member H, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42359] 0.0084
ENSG00000100532 CGRRF1 protein_coding cell growth regulator with ring finger domain 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15528] 0.0085
ENSG00000207783 MIR564 other microRNA 564 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32820] 0.0085
ENSG00000231193 RP11-462B18.2 lincRNA 0.0086
ENSG00000174384 RP11-313P13.4 pseudogene 0.0086
ENSG00000226674 TEX41 lincRNA testis expressed 41 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48667] 0.0087
ENSG00000141431 ASXL3 protein_coding additional sex combs like 3 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29357] 0.0087
ENSG00000254843 RP11-648O15.1 pseudogene 0.0087
ENSG00000240665 LSP1P2 pseudogene lymphocyte-specific protein 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39717] 0.0087
ENSG00000241769 LINC00893 other long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 893 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44265] 0.0087
ENSG00000226403 RP11-31F19.1 other 0.0087
ENSG00000227113 RP11-460N20.4 pseudogene 0.0087
ENSG00000175879 HOXD8 protein_coding homeobox D8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:5139] 0.0088
ENSG00000255114 RP11-110I1.6 antisense 0.0088
ENSG00000242697 RPL5P12 pseudogene ribosomal protein L5 pseudogene 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36221] 0.0088
ENSG00000226471 CTA-292E10.6 antisense 0.0088
ENSG00000207331 RNU6-1263P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 1263, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48226] 0.0088
ENSG00000152767 FARP1 protein_coding FERM, RhoGEF (ARHGEF) and pleckstrin domain protein 1 (chondrocyte-derived) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3591] 0.0088
ENSG00000163795 ZNF513 protein_coding zinc finger protein 513 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26498] 0.0088
ENSG00000182648 AC073871.2 other 0.0088
ENSG00000197627 AC048382.4 pseudogene 0.0089
ENSG00000230872 AC092338.5 pseudogene 0.0089
ENSG00000259866 RP11-177N22.2 pseudogene 0.0089
ENSG00000185917 SETD4 protein_coding SET domain containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1258] 0.009
ENSG00000151458 ANKRD50 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 50 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29223] 0.009
ENSG00000249258 RP11-468H14.2 lincRNA 0.0091
ENSG00000238061 RP4-635A23.4 pseudogene 0.0091
ENSG00000228322 RP11-358M14.2 antisense 0.0091
ENSG00000248332 RP11-236J17.5 other 0.0091
ENSG00000165669 FAM204A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 204, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25794] 0.0091
ENSG00000238665 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.0091
ENSG00000246877 DNM1P35 antisense DNM1 pseudogene 35 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35182] 0.0093
ENSG00000249593 CTB-46B19.2 antisense 0.0093
ENSG00000266904 LINC00663 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 663 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28609] 0.0093
ENSG00000099381 SETD1A protein_coding SET domain containing 1A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29010] 0.0095
ENSG00000259869 AL022344.7 lincRNA 0.0095
ENSG00000227116 RP3-471C18.1 lincRNA 0.0095
ENSG00000201898 SNORA72 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA72 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00139] 0.0095
ENSG00000260037 CTD-2524L6.3 antisense 0.0095
ENSG00000250961 CTD-2023N9.1 antisense 0.0095
ENSG00000139223 ANP32D protein_coding acidic (leucine-rich) nuclear phosphoprotein 32 family, member D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16676] 0.0095
ENSG00000250892 RP11-1365D11.1 pseudogene 0.0095
ENSG00000125434 SLC25A35 protein_coding solute carrier family 25, member 35 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31921] 0.0097
ENSG00000253333 RP11-497H16.8 pseudogene 0.0097
ENSG00000261537 RP11-319G9.5 other 0.0097
ENSG00000254389 RHPN1-AS1 antisense RHPN1 antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28457] 0.0097
ENSG00000259264 RP11-60L3.1 antisense 0.0097
ENSG00000184923 NUTM2A protein_coding NUT family member 2A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23438] 0.0097
ENSG00000247950 SEC24B-AS1 antisense SEC24B antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44003] 0.0097
ENSG00000258090 RP11-734E19.1 pseudogene 0.0097
ENSG00000074219 TEAD2 protein_coding TEA domain family member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11715] 0.0097
ENSG00000255951 RP11-967K21.2 pseudogene 0.0099
ENSG00000207359 RNU6-925P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 925, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47888] 0.0099
ENSG00000271105 SCML2P2 pseudogene sex comb on midleg-like 2 (Drosophila) pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44330] 0.0099
ENSG00000031544 NR2E3 other nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group E, member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7974] 0.0099
ENSG00000232693 AC012370.2 other 0.0099
ENSG00000170310 STX8 protein_coding syntaxin 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11443] 0.0099
ENSG00000156500 FAM122C protein_coding family with sequence similarity 122C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25202] 0.0099
ENSG00000189164 ZNF527 protein_coding zinc finger protein 527 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29385] 0.0099
ENSG00000199709 RNU4-23P other RNA, U4 small nuclear 23, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46959] 0.0099
ENSG00000250889 RP11-229C3.2 lincRNA 0.0099
ENSG00000236159 RP3-343K2.4 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000075790 BCAP29 protein_coding B-cell receptor-associated protein 29 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24131] 0.01
ENSG00000259005 RP3-449M8.6 lincRNA 0.01
ENSG00000242562 DCAF13P1 pseudogene DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 13 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43866] 0.01
ENSG00000148384 INPP5E protein_coding inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase, 72 kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21474] 0.01
ENSG00000109083 IFT20 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 20 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30989] 0.01
ENSG00000226546 RP11-34H11.5 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000218857 RP1-209B5.2 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000136504 KAT7 protein_coding K(lysine) acetyltransferase 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17016] 0.01
ENSG00000267055 RP11-486P11.1 lincRNA 0.01
ENSG00000217495 RP1-95L4.2 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000189079 ARID2 protein_coding AT rich interactive domain 2 (ARID, RFX-like) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18037] 0.01
ENSG00000235703 LINC00894 other long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 894 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48579] 0.01
ENSG00000157796 WDR19 protein_coding WD repeat domain 19 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18340] 0.01
ENSG00000229481 CTD-2554C21.3 lincRNA 0.01
ENSG00000226889 RP11-474I16.8 antisense 0.01
ENSG00000263326 RP11-266L9.6 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000231351 AC111200.7 pseudogene 0.01
ENSG00000170264 FAM161A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 161, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25808] 0.01
ENSG00000271930 RP11-44N12.5 lincRNA 0.011
ENSG00000243899 BMS1P7 pseudogene BMS1 pseudogene 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23655] 0.011
ENSG00000228043 AC097721.2 lincRNA 0.011
ENSG00000200113 SNORA51 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA51 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00432] 0.011
ENSG00000255192 NANOGP8 pseudogene Nanog homeobox pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23106] 0.011
ENSG00000265487 RP11-793A3.1 antisense 0.011
ENSG00000231081 RP4-760C5.3 lincRNA 0.011
ENSG00000227540 RP11-152N13.5 antisense 0.011
ENSG00000196214 ZNF766 protein_coding zinc finger protein 766 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28063] 0.011
ENSG00000131373 HACL1 protein_coding 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17856] 0.011
ENSG00000229399 RP11-378J18.6 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000204717 AC073464.11 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000114904 NEK4 protein_coding NIMA-related kinase 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11399] 0.011
ENSG00000261433 CTC-297N7.1 lincRNA 0.011
ENSG00000117569 PTBP2 protein_coding polypyrimidine tract binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17662] 0.011
ENSG00000131849 ZNF132 protein_coding zinc finger protein 132 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12916] 0.011
ENSG00000110318 KIAA1377 protein_coding KIAA1377 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29264] 0.011
ENSG00000270175 RP11-793H13.11 antisense 0.011
ENSG00000189011 AC138783.12 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000250903 RP1-80B9.2 lincRNA 0.011
ENSG00000250115 AK3P2 pseudogene adenylate kinase 3 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31099] 0.011
ENSG00000239955 RN7SL673P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 673, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46689] 0.011
ENSG00000094631 HDAC6 protein_coding histone deacetylase 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14064] 0.011
ENSG00000247728 RP11-932O9.7 antisense 0.011
ENSG00000248840 RP11-357G3.2 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000196597 ZNF782 protein_coding zinc finger protein 782 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33110] 0.011
ENSG00000047617 ANO2 protein_coding anoctamin 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1183] 0.011
ENSG00000259480 RP11-26F2.1 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000223749 MIR503HG other MIR503 host gene (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28258] 0.011
ENSG00000233401 PRKAR1AP pseudogene protein kinase, cAMP-dependent, regulatory, type I, alpha pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9389] 0.011
ENSG00000213287 RP11-680L20.1 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000197149 RP11-452G18.2 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000235333 PVRIG2P pseudogene poliovirus receptor related immunoglobulin domain containing 2, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48897] 0.011
ENSG00000180592 SKIDA1 protein_coding SKI/DACH domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32697] 0.011
ENSG00000251155 RP11-384K6.4 pseudogene 0.011
ENSG00000236616 BAK1P2 pseudogene BCL2-antagonist/killer 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:997] 0.011
ENSG00000199865 RNU6-495P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 495, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47458] 0.011
ENSG00000151849 CENPJ protein_coding centromere protein J [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17272] 0.012
ENSG00000234694 RP1-92O14.3 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000254321 RP11-495O10.1 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000237489 LINC00959 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 959 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48677] 0.012
ENSG00000232212 RP11-398M15.1 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000159147 DONSON protein_coding downstream neighbor of SON [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2993] 0.012
ENSG00000158901 WFDC8 protein_coding WAP four-disulfide core domain 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16163] 0.012
ENSG00000261838 RP11-303E16.6 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000117407 ARTN protein_coding artemin [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:727] 0.012
ENSG00000201827 SNORA33 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA33 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00438] 0.012
ENSG00000255337 RP11-315O6.1 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000237009 GLIS3-AS1 antisense GLIS3 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28260] 0.012
ENSG00000259571 BLID protein_coding BH3-like motif containing, cell death inducer [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33495] 0.012
ENSG00000144445 KANSL1L protein_coding KAT8 regulatory NSL complex subunit 1-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26310] 0.012
ENSG00000231194 FARP1-AS1 antisense FARP1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40229] 0.012
ENSG00000238290 RP11-431K24.1 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000269946 RP11-2B6.3 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000114745 GORASP1 protein_coding golgi reassembly stacking protein 1, 65kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16769] 0.012
ENSG00000134330 IAH1 protein_coding isoamyl acetate-hydrolyzing esterase 1 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27696] 0.012
ENSG00000234459 AC002064.4 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000227186 RP11-77G23.5 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000180190 TDRP protein_coding testis development related protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26951] 0.012
ENSG00000140265 ZSCAN29 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 29 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26673] 0.012
ENSG00000229536 AC079776.1 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000230321 CTD-3105H18.9 pseudogene 0.012
ENSG00000189196 RP11-129B22.2 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000266957 RP11-49K24.4 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000184465 WDR27 protein_coding WD repeat domain 27 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21248] 0.012
ENSG00000270538 RP11-3B7.7 pseudogene 0.012
ENSG00000135108 FBXO21 protein_coding F-box protein 21 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13592] 0.012
ENSG00000010803 SCMH1 protein_coding sex comb on midleg homolog 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19003] 0.012
ENSG00000248554 RP11-159F24.6 antisense 0.012
ENSG00000257763 RP11-370I10.7 pseudogene 0.012
ENSG00000218766 RP11-207F8.1 pseudogene 0.012
ENSG00000006712 PAF1 protein_coding Paf1, RNA polymerase II associated factor, homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25459] 0.012
ENSG00000251580 RP11-539L10.3 lincRNA 0.012
ENSG00000145908 ZNF300 protein_coding zinc finger protein 300 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13091] 0.013
ENSG00000225192 ZNF33BP1 pseudogene zinc finger protein 33B pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44975] 0.013
ENSG00000146001 PCDHB18 pseudogene protocadherin beta 18 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14548] 0.013
ENSG00000218793 RP3-382I10.3 pseudogene 0.013
ENSG00000181638 ZFP41 protein_coding ZFP41 zinc finger protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26786] 0.013
ENSG00000225960 RP11-360A18.1 lincRNA 0.013
ENSG00000206878 SNORA51 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA51 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00432] 0.013
ENSG00000187742 SECISBP2 protein_coding SECIS binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30972] 0.013
ENSG00000169131 ZNF354A protein_coding zinc finger protein 354A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11628] 0.013
ENSG00000231739 GAPDHP59 pseudogene glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase pseudogene 59 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4152] 0.013
ENSG00000204414 CSHL1 protein_coding chorionic somatomammotropin hormone-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2442] 0.013
ENSG00000123965 PMS2P5 pseudogene postmeiotic segregation increased 2 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9130] 0.013
ENSG00000141577 AZI1 protein_coding 5-azacytidine induced 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29511] 0.013
ENSG00000169696 ASPSCR1 protein_coding alveolar soft part sarcoma chromosome region, candidate 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13825] 0.013
ENSG00000139636 LMBR1L protein_coding limb region 1 homolog (mouse)-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18268] 0.013
ENSG00000267114 CTB-129P6.11 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:K7EM12] 0.013
ENSG00000259520 CTD-2651B20.3 antisense 0.013
ENSG00000119723 COQ6 protein_coding coenzyme Q6 monooxygenase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20233] 0.013
ENSG00000227950 RP11-312B8.2 pseudogene 0.013
ENSG00000223584 TVP23CP1 pseudogene trans-golgi network vesicle protein 23 homolog C (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44646] 0.013
ENSG00000147400 CETN2 protein_coding centrin, EF-hand protein, 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1867] 0.013
ENSG00000122335 SERAC1 protein_coding serine active site containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21061] 0.013
ENSG00000235688 AC116614.1 antisense 0.013
ENSG00000197857 ZNF44 protein_coding zinc finger protein 44 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13110] 0.013
ENSG00000203791 METTL10 protein_coding methyltransferase like 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33787] 0.013
ENSG00000203863 AL079342.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein; cDNA FLJ27030 fis, clone SLV07741 [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:Q6ZNW3] 0.013
ENSG00000185800 DMWD protein_coding dystrophia myotonica, WD repeat containing [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2936] 0.013
ENSG00000237491 RP11-206L10.9 lincRNA 0.013
ENSG00000249911 RP11-122C5.1 lincRNA 0.013
ENSG00000254164 CTB-33O18.2 lincRNA 0.013
ENSG00000151963 RP11-775A3.1 pseudogene 0.013
ENSG00000227542 AC092614.2 lincRNA 0.013
ENSG00000263911 RN7SL31P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 31, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46047] 0.013
ENSG00000120725 SIL1 protein_coding SIL1 homolog, endoplasmic reticulum chaperone (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24624] 0.013
ENSG00000272247 RP11-379F4.9 antisense 0.013
ENSG00000121716 PILRB protein_coding paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor beta [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18297] 0.013
ENSG00000272305 RP11-894J14.5 protein_coding 0.013
ENSG00000262086 RP11-510M2.10 other 0.013
ENSG00000234444 ZNF736 protein_coding zinc finger protein 736 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32467] 0.013
ENSG00000201622 RNU6-621P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 621, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47584] 0.013
ENSG00000197830 AC011385.1 pseudogene 0.013
ENSG00000187959 CPSF4L protein_coding cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 4-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33632] 0.013
ENSG00000164241 C5orf63 protein_coding chromosome 5 open reading frame 63 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40051] 0.013
ENSG00000114735 HEMK1 protein_coding HemK methyltransferase family member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24923] 0.013
ENSG00000113212 PCDHB7 protein_coding protocadherin beta 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8692] 0.013
ENSG00000258443 RP3-414A15.11 other 0.013
ENSG00000166664 CHRFAM7A protein_coding CHRNA7 (cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 7, exons 5-10) and FAM7A (family with sequence similarity 7A, exons A-E) fusion [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15781] 0.013
ENSG00000224488 RP11-492A12.2 pseudogene 0.013
ENSG00000265984 RP11-699A5.2 other 0.013
ENSG00000231788 RPL31P50 pseudogene ribosomal protein L31 pseudogene 50 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36799] 0.013
ENSG00000260729 RP11-106M3.2 other 0.013
ENSG00000143951 WDPCP protein_coding WD repeat containing planar cell polarity effector [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28027] 0.013
ENSG00000085982 USP40 protein_coding ubiquitin specific peptidase 40 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20069] 0.013
ENSG00000204060 FOXO6 protein_coding forkhead box O6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24814] 0.013
ENSG00000205549 C9orf92 protein_coding chromosome 9 open reading frame 92 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19054] 0.013
ENSG00000229089 ANKRD20A8P pseudogene ankyrin repeat domain 20 family, member A8, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23666] 0.014
ENSG00000269997 RP11-214K3.21 other 0.014
ENSG00000234772 RP11-428O18.4 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000212237 RNA5SP18 other RNA, 5S ribosomal pseudogene 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42586] 0.014
ENSG00000109501 WFS1 protein_coding Wolfram syndrome 1 (wolframin) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12762] 0.014
ENSG00000233256 RP11-445K13.2 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000132952 USPL1 protein_coding ubiquitin specific peptidase like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20294] 0.014
ENSG00000127511 SIN3B protein_coding SIN3 transcription regulator homolog B (yeast) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19354] 0.014
ENSG00000214021 TTLL3 protein_coding tubulin tyrosine ligase-like family, member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24483] 0.014
ENSG00000270332 RP11-82L2.1 lincRNA 0.014
ENSG00000236794 BCRP8 pseudogene breakpoint cluster region pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39076] 0.014
ENSG00000259774 RP11-182J1.13 lincRNA 0.014
ENSG00000250945 RP11-810P8.1 lincRNA 0.014
ENSG00000107140 TESK1 protein_coding testis-specific kinase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11731] 0.014
ENSG00000164845 FAM86FP pseudogene family with sequence similarity 86, member F, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42357] 0.014
ENSG00000165959 CLMN protein_coding calmin (calponin-like, transmembrane) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19972] 0.014
ENSG00000269009 SLC6A21P pseudogene solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter), member 21, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31400] 0.014
ENSG00000177738 CTD-2201E18.3 other 0.014
ENSG00000262140 RP11-417N10.3 pseudogene 0.014
ENSG00000214851 LINC00612 other long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 612 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28621] 0.014
ENSG00000261513 RP11-432I5.8 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000243819 RN7SL832P lincRNA RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 832, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46848] 0.014
ENSG00000005156 LIG3 protein_coding ligase III, DNA, ATP-dependent [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6600] 0.014
ENSG00000207375 SNORD116-23 other small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 116-23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33089] 0.014
ENSG00000247572 CTC-281B15.1 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000234038 AC123768.3 pseudogene 0.014
ENSG00000100376 FAM118A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 118, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1313] 0.014
ENSG00000180019 AC079741.2 pseudogene 0.014
ENSG00000227001 NBPF2P pseudogene neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 2, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31987] 0.014
ENSG00000224333 GAPDHP20 pseudogene glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase pseudogene 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37772] 0.014
ENSG00000260651 AF213884.2 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000186567 CEACAM19 protein_coding carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 19 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31951] 0.014
ENSG00000173818 ENDOV protein_coding endonuclease V [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26640] 0.014
ENSG00000233451 RP11-301N24.3 other 0.014
ENSG00000257964 RP11-133N21.10 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000174368 PMS2P2 pseudogene postmeiotic segregation increased 2 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9127] 0.014
ENSG00000235370 CSPG4P5 pseudogene chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29403] 0.014
ENSG00000259551 RP11-182J1.10 lincRNA 0.014
ENSG00000259527 LINC00052 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 52 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26455] 0.014
ENSG00000260936 FTO-IT1 other FTO intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43758] 0.014
ENSG00000229259 LRRC37A12P pseudogene leucine rich repeat containing 37, member A12, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43816] 0.014
ENSG00000154222 CC2D1B protein_coding coiled-coil and C2 domain containing 1B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29386] 0.014
ENSG00000226520 KIRREL-IT1 other KIRREL intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41412] 0.014
ENSG00000260751 CTD-2196E14.6 other 0.014
ENSG00000248553 OR52H2P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 52, subfamily H, member 2 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15219] 0.014
ENSG00000272100 RP11-155O18.6 antisense 0.014
ENSG00000171853 TRAPPC12 protein_coding trafficking protein particle complex 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24284] 0.014
ENSG00000253116 RP11-648L3.2 lincRNA 0.014
ENSG00000112852 PCDHB2 protein_coding protocadherin beta 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8687] 0.014
ENSG00000226781 TBCAP1 pseudogene tubulin folding cofactor A pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42630] 0.014
ENSG00000215198 RP11-182N22.7 pseudogene 0.014
ENSG00000259126 RP11-99L13.2 lincRNA 0.015
ENSG00000184381 PLA2G6 protein_coding phospholipase A2, group VI (cytosolic, calcium-independent) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9039] 0.015
ENSG00000177830 CHID1 protein_coding chitinase domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28474] 0.015
ENSG00000200693 U3 other Small nucleolar RNA U3 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00012] 0.015
ENSG00000241219 RP11-572M11.1 lincRNA 0.015
ENSG00000141519 CCDC40 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 40 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26090] 0.015
ENSG00000270258 DUXAP4 pseudogene double homeobox A pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32183] 0.015
ENSG00000229196 RP11-775D22.2 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000132153 DHX30 protein_coding DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box helicase 30 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16716] 0.015
ENSG00000271919 RP11-269G24.8 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000231443 AC024937.6 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000160226 C21orf2 protein_coding chromosome 21 open reading frame 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1260] 0.015
ENSG00000233654 AC093388.3 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000250820 RP11-91H12.4 other 0.015
ENSG00000238498 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.015
ENSG00000171100 MTM1 protein_coding myotubularin 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7448] 0.015
ENSG00000163067 ZNF2 protein_coding zinc finger protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12991] 0.015
ENSG00000214954 LRRC69 protein_coding leucine rich repeat containing 69 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34303] 0.015
ENSG00000243810 RP5-1096J16.1 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000249502 AC006160.5 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000062370 ZNF112 protein_coding zinc finger protein 112 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12892] 0.015
ENSG00000270870 GS1-531I17.2 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000253516 HMGB1P41 pseudogene high mobility group box 1 pseudogene 41 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39188] 0.015
ENSG00000232375 RP11-136C24.1 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000265218 RP11-927P21.1 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000224431 AC063976.7 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000237734 RP11-298E2.2 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000267658 RP11-358B23.1 lincRNA 0.015
ENSG00000213735 ANAPC10P1 pseudogene anaphase promoting complex subunit 10 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33976] 0.015
ENSG00000197763 TXNRD3 protein_coding thioredoxin reductase 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20667] 0.015
ENSG00000186191 BPIFB4 protein_coding BPI fold containing family B, member 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16179] 0.015
ENSG00000269887 RP11-477H21.2 other 0.015
ENSG00000155868 MED7 protein_coding mediator complex subunit 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2378] 0.015
ENSG00000225755 RP11-267N12.2 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000240813 RP11-963H4.2 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000149930 TAOK2 protein_coding TAO kinase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16835] 0.015
ENSG00000143624 INTS3 protein_coding integrator complex subunit 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26153] 0.015
ENSG00000196867 ZFP28 protein_coding ZFP28 zinc finger protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17801] 0.015
ENSG00000241101 PRICKLE2-AS2 antisense PRICKLE2 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40917] 0.015
ENSG00000253528 RP11-347C18.4 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000141644 MBD1 protein_coding methyl-CpG binding domain protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6916] 0.015
ENSG00000230148 HOXB-AS1 antisense HOXB cluster antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43744] 0.015
ENSG00000227230 RP11-261C10.5 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000228717 AF013593.1 pseudogene 0.015
ENSG00000233823 RP3-443C4.2 antisense 0.015
ENSG00000271737 CTB-113I20.2 lincRNA 0.015
ENSG00000272077 RP11-348P10.2 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000234693 RP4-530I15.6 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000225882 RP3-410B11.1 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000224090 AC097468.4 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000138738 PRDM5 protein_coding PR domain containing 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9349] 0.016
ENSG00000183208 GDPGP1 protein_coding GDP-D-glucose phosphorylase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34360] 0.016
ENSG00000248583 RP11-241F15.1 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000113211 PCDHB6 protein_coding protocadherin beta 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8691] 0.016
ENSG00000253558 CTD-2179L22.1 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000178149 DALRD3 protein_coding DALR anticodon binding domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25536] 0.016
ENSG00000232757 ETF1P1 pseudogene eukaryotic translation termination factor 1 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3478] 0.016
ENSG00000270987 RP3-467N11.2 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000120896 SORBS3 protein_coding sorbin and SH3 domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30907] 0.016
ENSG00000231646 AC008174.3 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000183560 FOLR4 protein_coding folate receptor 4, delta (putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32565] 0.016
ENSG00000237259 RP4-568F9.3 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000222222 RNU2-17P other RNA, U2 small nuclear 17, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48510] 0.016
ENSG00000142794 NBPF3 protein_coding neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25076] 0.016
ENSG00000238082 AC009948.7 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000117400 MPL protein_coding myeloproliferative leukemia virus oncogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7217] 0.016
ENSG00000240370 RPL13P5 pseudogene ribosomal protein L13 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30363] 0.016
ENSG00000205240 OR7E36P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 7, subfamily E, member 36 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8409] 0.016
ENSG00000250068 RP11-576C12.1 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000230596 AC112229.4 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000251803 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.016
ENSG00000166436 TRIM66 protein_coding tripartite motif containing 66 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29005] 0.016
ENSG00000104679 R3HCC1 protein_coding R3H domain and coiled-coil containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27329] 0.016
ENSG00000232386 RP11-66B24.2 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000230676 RP11-65J3.3 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000248632 RP11-366M4.11 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000215088 RPS5P3 pseudogene ribosomal protein S5 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10427] 0.016
ENSG00000239593 RP11-477J21.6 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000214273 AGGF1P1 pseudogene angiogenic factor with G patch and FHA domains 1 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38051] 0.016
ENSG00000235920 AC073109.2 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000260612 RP11-432I5.4 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000245146 CTB-131B5.4 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000230310 CTD-2192J16.11 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000184115 RP13-1039J1.2 lincRNA 0.016
ENSG00000216998 CYP2AC1P pseudogene cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily AC, polypeptide 1, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39976] 0.016
ENSG00000236618 PITPNA-AS1 antisense PITPNA antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44116] 0.016
ENSG00000185040 AC004980.11 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000268623 CTB-52I2.3 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000072133 RPS6KA6 protein_coding ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10435] 0.016
ENSG00000220804 AC093642.5 pseudogene 0.016
ENSG00000249858 SNX5P1 pseudogene sorting nexin 5 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41512] 0.016
ENSG00000187634 SAMD11 protein_coding sterile alpha motif domain containing 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28706] 0.016
ENSG00000134253 TRIM45 protein_coding tripartite motif containing 45 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19018] 0.016
ENSG00000132694 ARHGEF11 protein_coding Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14580] 0.016
ENSG00000140153 WDR20 protein_coding WD repeat domain 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19667] 0.016
ENSG00000250195 RP11-371F15.3 antisense 0.016
ENSG00000235326 RP11-509J21.3 lincRNA 0.017
ENSG00000234586 RP11-382H24.2 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000116497 S100PBP protein_coding S100P binding protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25768] 0.017
ENSG00000243004 AC005062.2 other 0.017
ENSG00000224066 RP4-622L5.7 antisense 0.017
ENSG00000213066 FGFR1OP protein_coding FGFR1 oncogene partner [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17012] 0.017
ENSG00000267270 AC139100.2 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:K7EME5] 0.017
ENSG00000224251 RP11-499O7.7 antisense 0.017
ENSG00000259660 DNM1P47 pseudogene DNM1 pseudogene 47 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35200] 0.017
ENSG00000212385 RNU6-817P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 817, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47780] 0.017
ENSG00000254929 RP11-144G6.12 other 0.017
ENSG00000270116 AP001429.1 other 0.017
ENSG00000259846 RP11-467L24.1 lincRNA 0.017
ENSG00000188878 FBF1 protein_coding Fas (TNFRSF6) binding factor 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24674] 0.017
ENSG00000153832 FBXO36 protein_coding F-box protein 36 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27020] 0.017
ENSG00000248126 CTD-2012J19.2 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000253704 RP11-267M23.4 lincRNA 0.017
ENSG00000236796 RP11-462B18.3 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000170037 CNTROB protein_coding centrobin, centrosomal BRCA2 interacting protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29616] 0.017
ENSG00000137494 ANKRD42 protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 42 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26752] 0.017
ENSG00000112796 ENPP5 protein_coding ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 5 (putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13717] 0.017
ENSG00000197816 CCDC180 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 180 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29303] 0.017
ENSG00000223875 NBEAP3 pseudogene neurobeachin pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40004] 0.017
ENSG00000215795 RP11-488L18.3 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000159445 THEM4 protein_coding thioesterase superfamily member 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17947] 0.017
ENSG00000232901 CYCSP10 pseudogene cytochrome c, somatic pseudogene 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24384] 0.017
ENSG00000237631 RP11-72B4.2 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000205081 CXorf30 protein_coding chromosome X open reading frame 30 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27298] 0.017
ENSG00000262410 RP11-388C12.8 other 0.017
ENSG00000130045 NXNL2 protein_coding nucleoredoxin-like 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30482] 0.017
ENSG00000254665 RP11-152H18.3 antisense 0.017
ENSG00000267647 MAP1LC3P pseudogene microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31004] 0.017
ENSG00000266846 RP11-793A3.2 antisense 0.017
ENSG00000255046 RP11-297N6.4 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:E9PMM5] 0.017
ENSG00000064218 DMRT3 protein_coding doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13909] 0.017
ENSG00000229372 SZT2-AS1 antisense SZT2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41225] 0.017
ENSG00000231459 LINC00032 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 32 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16506] 0.017
ENSG00000241829 RPL21P54 pseudogene ribosomal protein L21 pseudogene 54 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35552] 0.017
ENSG00000267644 CTD-2008P7.10 lincRNA 0.017
ENSG00000263412 RP5-890E16.2 other 0.017
ENSG00000247311 CTC-441N14.2 antisense 0.017
ENSG00000259942 RP11-292F22.7 lincRNA 0.017
ENSG00000121988 ZRANB3 protein_coding zinc finger, RAN-binding domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25249] 0.017
ENSG00000238250 ST6GAL2-IT1 other ST6GAL2 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41380] 0.017
ENSG00000262316 RP11-433P17.1 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000234654 RP11-782C8.8 pseudogene 0.017
ENSG00000099385 BCL7C protein_coding B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1006] 0.018
ENSG00000188771 C11orf34 protein_coding chromosome 11 open reading frame 34 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30053] 0.018
ENSG00000200356 RNU6-833P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 833, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47796] 0.018
ENSG00000236471 AF127577.12 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000260874 RP11-715J22.4 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000231024 AC092431.3 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000232196 MTRNR2L4 protein_coding MT-RNR2-like 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37161] 0.018
ENSG00000120328 PCDHB12 protein_coding protocadherin beta 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8683] 0.018
ENSG00000114670 NEK11 protein_coding NIMA-related kinase 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18593] 0.018
ENSG00000149932 TMEM219 protein_coding transmembrane protein 219 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25201] 0.018
ENSG00000196357 ZNF565 protein_coding zinc finger protein 565 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26726] 0.018
ENSG00000115934 RP11-153K16.2 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000177853 ZNF518A other zinc finger protein 518A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29009] 0.018
ENSG00000103494 RPGRIP1L protein_coding RPGRIP1-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29168] 0.018
ENSG00000198198 SZT2 protein_coding seizure threshold 2 homolog (mouse) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29040] 0.018
ENSG00000252659 RNU6-1088P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 1088, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48051] 0.018
ENSG00000238805 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.018
ENSG00000013523 ANGEL1 protein_coding angel homolog 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19961] 0.018
ENSG00000198088 NUP62CL protein_coding nucleoporin 62kDa C-terminal like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25960] 0.018
ENSG00000162997 PRORSD1P pseudogene prolyl-tRNA synthetase associated domain containing 1, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34379] 0.018
ENSG00000260409 RP11-403B2.7 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000157741 UBN2 protein_coding ubinuclein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21931] 0.018
ENSG00000257749 CTD-2314B22.2 pseudogene 0.018
ENSG00000250132 RP11-359B12.2 antisense 0.018
ENSG00000179406 LINC00174 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 174 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27788] 0.018
ENSG00000230273 AC087163.3 pseudogene 0.018
ENSG00000257817 RP4-601P9.2 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000124191 TOX2 protein_coding TOX high mobility group box family member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16095] 0.018
ENSG00000232909 RP3-510O8.4 antisense 0.018
ENSG00000169914 OTUD3 protein_coding OTU domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29038] 0.018
ENSG00000269483 AC006272.1 lincRNA 0.018
ENSG00000138380 CARF protein_coding calcium responsive transcription factor [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14435] 0.018
ENSG00000115657 ABCB6 protein_coding ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP), member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47] 0.019
ENSG00000271537 RP11-365F18.6 pseudogene 0.019
ENSG00000232908 HSD17B7P1 pseudogene hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 7 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18689] 0.019
ENSG00000236095 RP11-49O14.2 other 0.019
ENSG00000111704 NANOG protein_coding Nanog homeobox [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20857] 0.019
ENSG00000268466 AL132989.1 protein_coding 0.019
ENSG00000264365 RP11-621L6.2 antisense 0.019
ENSG00000167377 ZNF23 protein_coding zinc finger protein 23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13023] 0.019
ENSG00000228643 AC079779.4 other 0.019
ENSG00000101901 ALG13 protein_coding ALG13, UDP-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase subunit [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30881] 0.019
ENSG00000244757 RP11-45A16.4 antisense 0.019
ENSG00000166529 ZSCAN21 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 21 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13104] 0.019
ENSG00000242294 STAG3L5P pseudogene stromal antigen 3-like 5 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48896] 0.019
ENSG00000229523 RP11-7G23.4 pseudogene 0.019
ENSG00000244560 RP4-800G7.2 pseudogene 0.019
ENSG00000183251 OR51B4 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 51, subfamily B, member 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14708] 0.019
ENSG00000100968 NFATC4 protein_coding nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7778] 0.019
ENSG00000250853 RNF138P1 pseudogene ring finger protein 138, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30342] 0.019
ENSG00000241717 VWFP1 pseudogene von Willebrand factor pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12727] 0.019
ENSG00000254230 RP11-582J16.3 antisense 0.019
ENSG00000186973 FAM183A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 183, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34347] 0.019
ENSG00000231668 PPP2R2DP1 pseudogene protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B, delta pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44544] 0.019
ENSG00000215304 RP13-395E19.3 other 0.019
ENSG00000205989 DEFB109 pseudogene 0.019
ENSG00000171121 KCNMB3 protein_coding potassium large conductance calcium-activated channel, subfamily M beta member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6287] 0.019
ENSG00000116127 ALMS1 protein_coding Alstrom syndrome 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:428] 0.019
ENSG00000056487 PHF21B protein_coding PHD finger protein 21B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25161] 0.019
ENSG00000259877 RP11-46C24.7 antisense 0.019
ENSG00000148225 WDR31 protein_coding WD repeat domain 31 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21421] 0.019
ENSG00000226803 RP11-203B9.4 antisense 0.019
ENSG00000248515 RP11-608O21.1 lincRNA 0.019
ENSG00000168818 STX18 protein_coding syntaxin 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15942] 0.019
ENSG00000270850 RP11-395N6.4 pseudogene 0.019
ENSG00000236753 AC018642.1 other 0.019
ENSG00000248103 CTC-338M12.9 lincRNA 0.02
ENSG00000184164 CRELD2 protein_coding cysteine-rich with EGF-like domains 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28150] 0.02
ENSG00000169629 RGPD8 protein_coding RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9849] 0.02
ENSG00000239831 RNF7P1 pseudogene ring finger protein 7 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43425] 0.02
ENSG00000267595 RP11-242D8.2 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000069696 DRD4 protein_coding dopamine receptor D4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3025] 0.02
ENSG00000218996 RP1-99E18.2 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000271835 RP11-129K12.4 lincRNA 0.02
ENSG00000099953 MMP11 protein_coding matrix metallopeptidase 11 (stromelysin 3) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7157] 0.02
ENSG00000259363 CTD-2054N24.2 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:H0YK47] 0.02
ENSG00000260209 RP11-680F20.10 lincRNA 0.02
ENSG00000242696 RN7SL40P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 40, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46056] 0.02
ENSG00000264949 RN7SL412P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 412, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46428] 0.02
ENSG00000267526 RP11-178C3.6 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000234588 FABP5P14 pseudogene fatty acid binding protein 5 pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31065] 0.02
ENSG00000213529 RP11-432F4.2 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000226890 LA16c-395F10.1 antisense 0.02
ENSG00000270092 RP11-318K12.3 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000131016 AKAP12 protein_coding A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:370] 0.02
ENSG00000176209 SMIM19 protein_coding small integral membrane protein 19 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25166] 0.02
ENSG00000270874 RP11-420K10.1 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000245317 CTC-241N9.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:D6RGH1] 0.02
ENSG00000231181 RP13-15M17.1 pseudogene 0.02
ENSG00000250551 RP11-254I22.1 lincRNA 0.02
ENSG00000140326 CDAN1 protein_coding codanin 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1713] 0.02
ENSG00000268683 CTD-2553L13.4 other 0.02
ENSG00000264290 RP11-68I3.4 other 0.02
ENSG00000005206 SPPL2B other signal peptide peptidase like 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30627] 0.02
ENSG00000228486 AC017099.3 antisense 0.02
ENSG00000251877 RNU2-45P other RNA, U2 small nuclear 45, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48538] 0.02
ENSG00000214941 ZSWIM7 protein_coding zinc finger, SWIM-type containing 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26993] 0.02
ENSG00000250486 FAM218A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 218, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26466] 0.02
ENSG00000225015 SNX18P15 pseudogene sorting nexin 18 pseudogene 15 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39623] 0.02
ENSG00000034533 ASTE1 protein_coding asteroid homolog 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25021] 0.02
ENSG00000271367 RP3-483K16.4 lincRNA 0.021
ENSG00000237133 AC020594.5 antisense 0.021
ENSG00000224842 RP11-123K19.1 antisense 0.021
ENSG00000237921 AC004543.2 lincRNA 0.021
ENSG00000220702 RP1-32I10.10 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:B1AHE6] 0.021
ENSG00000105245 NUMBL protein_coding numb homolog (Drosophila)-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8061] 0.021
ENSG00000119328 FAM206A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 206, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1364] 0.021
ENSG00000130699 TAF4 protein_coding TAF4 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 135kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11537] 0.021
ENSG00000086666 ZFAND6 protein_coding zinc finger, AN1-type domain 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30164] 0.021
ENSG00000175267 VWA3A protein_coding von Willebrand factor A domain containing 3A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27088] 0.021
ENSG00000223922 ASS1P2 pseudogene argininosuccinate synthetase 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:765] 0.021
ENSG00000214919 AC104472.1 protein_coding CDNA FLJ26134 fis, clone TMS03713; Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:Q6ZPB2] 0.021
ENSG00000256321 RP11-153K16.1 lincRNA 0.021
ENSG00000141642 ELAC1 protein_coding elaC ribonuclease Z 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14197] 0.021
ENSG00000233218 SNX18P16 pseudogene sorting nexin 18 pseudogene 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39624] 0.021
ENSG00000236636 RP11-211A18.1 pseudogene 0.021
ENSG00000006282 SPATA20 protein_coding spermatogenesis associated 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26125] 0.021
ENSG00000176155 CCDC57 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 57 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27564] 0.021
ENSG00000248121 SMURF2P1 pseudogene SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44402] 0.021
ENSG00000219665 CTD-2006C1.2 other 0.021
ENSG00000224738 AC099850.1 antisense 0.021
ENSG00000239804 RP11-379B18.1 pseudogene 0.021
ENSG00000250678 CTB-161M19.1 pseudogene 0.021
ENSG00000268673 AC011537.3 lincRNA 0.022
ENSG00000235686 PPIAP20 pseudogene peptidylprolyl isomerase A (cyclophilin A) pseudogene 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38037] 0.022
ENSG00000241346 RP11-379B18.3 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000115109 EPB41L5 protein_coding erythrocyte membrane protein band 4.1 like 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19819] 0.022
ENSG00000271072 RP11-1007O24.4 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000214511 HIGD1C protein_coding HIG1 hypoxia inducible domain family, member 1C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28044] 0.022
ENSG00000206785 SNORA15 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA15 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00398] 0.022
ENSG00000259285 CTD-2330J20.2 antisense 0.022
ENSG00000230493 AC106017.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:F6X152] 0.022
ENSG00000266821 RP11-6N17.2 lincRNA 0.022
ENSG00000230576 OR6R1P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 6, subfamily R, member 1 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15037] 0.022
ENSG00000259683 RP11-182J1.14 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000113141 IK protein_coding IK cytokine, down-regulator of HLA II [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:5958] 0.022
ENSG00000225254 RP11-403F21.1 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000227781 GLUD1P2 pseudogene glutamate dehydrogenase 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4337] 0.022
ENSG00000232807 RP11-536K7.3 antisense 0.022
ENSG00000159433 STARD9 protein_coding StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain containing 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19162] 0.022
ENSG00000160325 CACFD1 protein_coding calcium channel flower domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1365] 0.022
ENSG00000248280 RP11-33B1.2 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000243012 RP11-292E2.4 lincRNA 0.022
ENSG00000235071 RP11-759L5.2 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000197591 OR11L1 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 11, subfamily L, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14998] 0.022
ENSG00000125755 SYMPK protein_coding symplekin [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22935] 0.022
ENSG00000266601 RP11-6N17.3 antisense 0.022
ENSG00000110925 CSRNP2 protein_coding cysteine-serine-rich nuclear protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16006] 0.022
ENSG00000152669 CCNO protein_coding cyclin O [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18576] 0.022
ENSG00000227189 AC092535.3 antisense 0.022
ENSG00000197557 TTC30A protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 30A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25853] 0.022
ENSG00000267399 RP11-456O19.5 lincRNA 0.022
ENSG00000100263 RHBDD3 protein_coding rhomboid domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1308] 0.022
ENSG00000238065 AC010740.1 pseudogene 0.022
ENSG00000227104 PIGQP1 pseudogene phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class Q pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45157] 0.022
ENSG00000270195 RP11-572O17.1 lincRNA 0.022
ENSG00000263361 MIR378H other microRNA 378h [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41744] 0.022
ENSG00000198793 MTOR protein_coding mechanistic target of rapamycin (serine/threonine kinase) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3942] 0.022
ENSG00000229109 RP11-439K3.1 antisense 0.022
ENSG00000223075 RN7SKP126 other RNA, 7SK small nuclear pseudogene 126 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45850] 0.022
ENSG00000204011 COL5A1-AS1 antisense COL5A1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31368] 0.023
ENSG00000166321 NUDT13 protein_coding nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X)-type motif 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18827] 0.023
ENSG00000200895 RN7SKP245 other RNA, 7SK small nuclear pseudogene 245 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45969] 0.023
ENSG00000234500 GS1-124K5.10 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000005955 GGNBP2 protein_coding gametogenetin binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19357] 0.023
ENSG00000182612 TSPAN10 other tetraspanin 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29942] 0.023
ENSG00000269069 CTC-471F3.5 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000077616 NAALAD2 protein_coding N-acetylated alpha-linked acidic dipeptidase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14526] 0.023
ENSG00000229263 AC004691.5 antisense 0.023
ENSG00000230105 RP11-431N15.2 lincRNA 0.023
ENSG00000206921 RNU6-481P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 481, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47444] 0.023
ENSG00000226696 LENG8-AS1 antisense LENG8 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40705] 0.023
ENSG00000236938 AC003092.2 lincRNA 0.023
ENSG00000188659 FAM154B protein_coding family with sequence similarity 154, member B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33727] 0.023
ENSG00000187091 PLCD1 protein_coding phospholipase C, delta 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9060] 0.023
ENSG00000189144 ZNF573 protein_coding zinc finger protein 573 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26420] 0.023
ENSG00000189014 FAM35DP pseudogene family with sequence similarity 35, member D, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34038] 0.023
ENSG00000127580 WDR24 protein_coding WD repeat domain 24 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20852] 0.023
ENSG00000256995 RP11-114G22.1 lincRNA 0.023
ENSG00000260805 RP11-61J19.4 lincRNA 0.023
ENSG00000233184 RP11-421L21.3 antisense 0.023
ENSG00000160401 C9orf117 protein_coding chromosome 9 open reading frame 117 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27843] 0.023
ENSG00000233230 AC079807.2 antisense 0.023
ENSG00000213857 RP11-12M9.4 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000164411 GJB7 protein_coding gap junction protein, beta 7, 25kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16690] 0.023
ENSG00000242615 CTC-359D24.3 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000236086 HMGN2P28 pseudogene high mobility group nucleosomal binding domain 2 pseudogene 28 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39395] 0.023
ENSG00000112592 TBP protein_coding TATA box binding protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11588] 0.023
ENSG00000253869 PIGFP1 pseudogene phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class F, pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8963] 0.023
ENSG00000123411 IKZF4 protein_coding IKAROS family zinc finger 4 (Eos) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13179] 0.023
ENSG00000232692 AP001596.6 antisense 0.023
ENSG00000231562 RP11-508N12.3 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000227543 SPAG5-AS1 other SPAG5 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41140] 0.023
ENSG00000218027 RP11-157J24.1 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000240225 ZNF542 pseudogene zinc finger protein 542 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25393] 0.023
ENSG00000238832 snoU109 other Small nucleolar RNA U109 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01233] 0.023
ENSG00000265948 RP11-296E23.2 other 0.023
ENSG00000243928 RN7SL628P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 628, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46644] 0.023
ENSG00000258509 RP11-857B24.3 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000235045 RP5-1160K1.1 pseudogene 0.023
ENSG00000233631 RP11-457M11.2 other 0.024
ENSG00000185379 RAD51D protein_coding RAD51 paralog D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9823] 0.024
ENSG00000228160 RP13-57D9.3 lincRNA 0.024
ENSG00000213290 PGK1P2 pseudogene phosphoglycerate kinase 1, pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8899] 0.024
ENSG00000180318 ALX1 protein_coding ALX homeobox 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1494] 0.024
ENSG00000114742 WDR48 protein_coding WD repeat domain 48 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30914] 0.024
ENSG00000267091 CTBP2P7 pseudogene C-terminal binding protein 2 pseudogene 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45199] 0.024
ENSG00000234838 RP11-5P22.1 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000130413 STK33 protein_coding serine/threonine kinase 33 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14568] 0.024
ENSG00000104205 SGK3 protein_coding serum/glucocorticoid regulated kinase family, member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10812] 0.024
ENSG00000213303 CTC-398G3.2 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000230447 CTF2P pseudogene cardiotrophin 2, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33173] 0.024
ENSG00000215120 AL590763.5 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000107611 CUBN protein_coding cubilin (intrinsic factor-cobalamin receptor) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2548] 0.024
ENSG00000243568 RP11-2I17.1 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000182050 MGAT4C protein_coding mannosyl (alpha-1,3-)-glycoprotein beta-1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, isozyme C (putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30871] 0.024
ENSG00000250227 TRIM60P14 pseudogene tripartite motif containing 60 pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38486] 0.024
ENSG00000230772 VN1R108P pseudogene vomeronasal 1 receptor 108 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37432] 0.024
ENSG00000262001 DLGAP1-AS2 antisense DLGAP1 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28146] 0.024
ENSG00000198939 ZFP2 protein_coding ZFP2 zinc finger protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26138] 0.024
ENSG00000064933 PMS1 protein_coding PMS1 postmeiotic segregation increased 1 (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9121] 0.024
ENSG00000228748 RP13-39P12.3 antisense 0.024
ENSG00000269514 DKFZP779L1853 protein_coding 0.024
ENSG00000231625 CTD-2104P17.1 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000086200 IPO11 protein_coding importin 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20628] 0.024
ENSG00000258592 RP11-108M12.3 lincRNA 0.024
ENSG00000144115 THNSL2 protein_coding threonine synthase-like 2 (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25602] 0.024
ENSG00000207062 SNORA15 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA15 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00398] 0.024
ENSG00000253175 RP11-267M23.6 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000233435 AGGF1P2 pseudogene angiogenic factor with G patch and FHA domains 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38052] 0.024
ENSG00000163040 CCDC74A protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 74A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25197] 0.024
ENSG00000226498 RP11-182B22.2 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000239969 RP11-163E9.2 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000253166 RP11-585F1.6 pseudogene 0.024
ENSG00000231546 RPL3P5 pseudogene ribosomal protein L3 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36934] 0.024
ENSG00000039139 DNAH5 protein_coding dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2950] 0.024
ENSG00000159063 ALG8 protein_coding ALG8, alpha-1,3-glucosyltransferase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23161] 0.025
ENSG00000249263 PARP4P3 pseudogene poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family, member 4 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:274] 0.025
ENSG00000272240 RP5-855D21.1 antisense 0.025
ENSG00000207213 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.025
ENSG00000144589 STK11IP protein_coding serine/threonine kinase 11 interacting protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19184] 0.025
ENSG00000235593 RBMS3-AS1 antisense RBMS3 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39987] 0.025
ENSG00000218698 ST13P16 pseudogene suppression of tumorigenicity 13 (colon carcinoma) (Hsp70 interacting protein) pseudogene 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38851] 0.025
ENSG00000113108 APBB3 protein_coding amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein-binding, family B, member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20708] 0.025
ENSG00000252552 RNU6-307P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 307, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47270] 0.025
ENSG00000229716 RP11-185B14.1 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000224810 RP11-538D16.2 lincRNA 0.025
ENSG00000233473 RP11-520H16.4 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000257605 RP11-680A11.5 antisense 0.025
ENSG00000224358 RP11-466F5.8 antisense 0.025
ENSG00000259369 RP11-291H24.1 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000253203 GUSBP3 pseudogene glucuronidase, beta pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37301] 0.025
ENSG00000258748 CTD-2223O18.1 antisense 0.025
ENSG00000219693 RP11-262H14.11 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000233673 ANAPC1P1 pseudogene anaphase promoting complex subunit 1 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44150] 0.025
ENSG00000099721 AMELY protein_coding amelogenin, Y-linked [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:462] 0.025
ENSG00000250219 LTV1P1 pseudogene LTV1 homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44049] 0.025
ENSG00000169981 ZNF35 protein_coding zinc finger protein 35 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13099] 0.025
ENSG00000228335 AC073063.10 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000172250 SERHL other serine hydrolase-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14408] 0.025
ENSG00000183171 RP11-49C9.2 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000187778 MCRS1 protein_coding microspherule protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6960] 0.025
ENSG00000200463 SNORD118 other small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 118 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32952] 0.025
ENSG00000202215 RNU1-51P other RNA, U1 small nuclear 51, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48393] 0.025
ENSG00000233645 RP11-431K24.4 lincRNA 0.025
ENSG00000266522 RP11-805F19.4 pseudogene 0.025
ENSG00000186329 TMEM212 protein_coding transmembrane protein 212 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34295] 0.025
ENSG00000151893 CACUL1 protein_coding CDK2-associated, cullin domain 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23727] 0.025
ENSG00000269755 CTD-3105H18.18 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:M0R129] 0.025
ENSG00000169951 ZNF764 protein_coding zinc finger protein 764 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28200] 0.026
ENSG00000233871 DLG5-AS1 antisense DLG5 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45109] 0.026
ENSG00000149428 HYOU1 protein_coding hypoxia up-regulated 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16931] 0.026
ENSG00000153404 PLEKHG4B protein_coding pleckstrin homology domain containing, family G (with RhoGef domain) member 4B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29399] 0.026
ENSG00000249230 CDH12P2 pseudogene cadherin 12 (N-cadherin 2) pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1752] 0.026
ENSG00000271208 RP1-142L7.8 lincRNA 0.026
ENSG00000176978 DPP7 protein_coding dipeptidyl-peptidase 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14892] 0.026
ENSG00000207344 SNORA22 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA22 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00414] 0.026
ENSG00000178636 RP11-455G16.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:E7EQP2] 0.026
ENSG00000241728 AP001062.8 other 0.026
ENSG00000260137 RP11-258F22.2 lincRNA 0.026
ENSG00000140993 TIGD7 protein_coding tigger transposable element derived 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18331] 0.026
ENSG00000235919 ASH1L-AS1 other ASH1L antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44146] 0.026
ENSG00000163832 ELP6 protein_coding elongator acetyltransferase complex subunit 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25976] 0.026
ENSG00000226355 RP11-65J3.2 lincRNA 0.026
ENSG00000204560 DHX16 protein_coding DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2739] 0.026
ENSG00000227638 HNRNPA1P14 pseudogene heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39132] 0.026
ENSG00000242285 RPL6P8 pseudogene ribosomal protein L6 pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37044] 0.026
ENSG00000214298 MRPS21P6 pseudogene mitochondrial ribosomal protein S21 pseudogene 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29753] 0.026
ENSG00000207326 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.026
ENSG00000229930 RP11-504P24.5 pseudogene 0.026
ENSG00000258692 SALL4P7 pseudogene sal-like 4 (Drosophila) pseudogene 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43900] 0.026
ENSG00000250869 RP11-453N18.1 pseudogene 0.026
ENSG00000198035 AGAP9 protein_coding ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23463] 0.026
ENSG00000237115 RP1-131F15.2 pseudogene 0.026
ENSG00000102221 PHF16 protein_coding PHD finger protein 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22982] 0.026
ENSG00000004487 KDM1A protein_coding lysine (K)-specific demethylase 1A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29079] 0.026
ENSG00000236180 RP11-163G10.4 pseudogene 0.026
ENSG00000174483 BBS1 protein_coding Bardet-Biedl syndrome 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:966] 0.026
ENSG00000173947 PIFO protein_coding primary cilia formation [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27009] 0.026
ENSG00000176358 TAC4 protein_coding tachykinin 4 (hemokinin) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16641] 0.026
ENSG00000020219 CCT8L1P pseudogene chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 8 (theta)-like 1, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32153] 0.026
ENSG00000256073 C21orf119 protein_coding chromosome 21 open reading frame 119 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23128] 0.026
ENSG00000258467 PHKBP2 pseudogene phosphorylase kinase, beta pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8929] 0.026
ENSG00000265511 RP11-524F11.1 antisense 0.026
ENSG00000154655 L3MBTL4 protein_coding l(3)mbt-like 4 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26677] 0.026
ENSG00000146530 VWDE protein_coding von Willebrand factor D and EGF domains [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21897] 0.026
ENSG00000271855 RP11-214N9.1 lincRNA 0.026
ENSG00000102316 MAGED2 protein_coding melanoma antigen family D, 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16353] 0.026
ENSG00000174915 PTDSS2 protein_coding phosphatidylserine synthase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15463] 0.026
ENSG00000270179 RP11-159N11.4 other 0.026
ENSG00000237275 RP11-552J9.11 pseudogene 0.026
ENSG00000267655 CTD-2286N8.2 other 0.026
ENSG00000196118 C16orf93 protein_coding chromosome 16 open reading frame 93 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28078] 0.026
ENSG00000170322 NFRKB protein_coding nuclear factor related to kappaB binding protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7802] 0.027
ENSG00000267370 CTD-2623N2.3 pseudogene 0.027
ENSG00000270951 RP1-309F20.4 antisense 0.027
ENSG00000172986 GXYLT2 protein_coding glucoside xylosyltransferase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33383] 0.027
ENSG00000225826 LINC00626 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 626 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44257] 0.027
ENSG00000221082 AC119751.2 other 0.027
ENSG00000246067 RAB30-AS1 lincRNA RAB30 antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48672] 0.027
ENSG00000013561 RNF14 protein_coding ring finger protein 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10058] 0.027
ENSG00000254267 KB-1458E12.1 lincRNA 0.027
ENSG00000081148 IMPG2 protein_coding interphotoreceptor matrix proteoglycan 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18362] 0.027
ENSG00000225806 RP1-309F20.3 other 0.027
ENSG00000236838 AC090617.1 antisense 0.027
ENSG00000117010 ZNF684 protein_coding zinc finger protein 684 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28418] 0.027
ENSG00000237990 CNTN4-AS1 antisense CNTN4 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39985] 0.027
ENSG00000104218 CSPP1 protein_coding centrosome and spindle pole associated protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26193] 0.027
ENSG00000262497 AC002128.4 pseudogene 0.027
ENSG00000267298 AC006116.19 other 0.027
ENSG00000237529 RP11-439K3.3 antisense 0.027
ENSG00000155363 MOV10 protein_coding Mov10, Moloney leukemia virus 10, homolog (mouse) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7200] 0.027
ENSG00000163904 SENP2 protein_coding SUMO1/sentrin/SMT3 specific peptidase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23116] 0.027
ENSG00000196428 TSC22D2 protein_coding TSC22 domain family, member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29095] 0.027
ENSG00000040531 CTNS protein_coding cystinosin, lysosomal cystine transporter [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2518] 0.027
ENSG00000165633 VSTM4 protein_coding V-set and transmembrane domain containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26470] 0.027
ENSG00000089737 DDX24 protein_coding DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box helicase 24 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13266] 0.027
ENSG00000079134 THOC1 protein_coding THO complex 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19070] 0.027
ENSG00000234134 RP11-383C5.5 other 0.027
ENSG00000237178 AC019080.1 pseudogene 0.027
ENSG00000263070 RP11-382B18.3 pseudogene 0.027
ENSG00000007545 CRAMP1L protein_coding Crm, cramped-like (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14122] 0.027
ENSG00000175455 CCDC14 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25766] 0.027
ENSG00000214875 MED28P1 pseudogene mediator complex subunit 28 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45078] 0.027
ENSG00000235330 RP11-165F24.2 pseudogene 0.027
ENSG00000200060 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.027
ENSG00000261432 RP11-360A18.2 lincRNA 0.027
ENSG00000265349 RP11-55L4.2 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000196422 PPP1R26 protein_coding protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 26 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29089] 0.028
ENSG00000173992 CCS protein_coding copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1613] 0.028
ENSG00000215068 AC025171.1 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000079974 RABL2B protein_coding RAB, member of RAS oncogene family-like 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9800] 0.028
ENSG00000214562 NUTM2D protein_coding NUT family member 2D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23447] 0.028
ENSG00000249621 CTD-2544H17.1 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000131871 VIMP protein_coding VCP-interacting membrane protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30396] 0.028
ENSG00000168488 ATXN2L protein_coding ataxin 2-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31326] 0.028
ENSG00000237036 ZEB1-AS1 other ZEB1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42354] 0.028
ENSG00000211683 AP000346.2 other 0.028
ENSG00000264767 RN7SL237P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 237, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46253] 0.028
ENSG00000168679 SLC16A4 protein_coding solute carrier family 16, member 4 (monocarboxylic acid transporter 5) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10925] 0.028
ENSG00000065029 ZNF76 protein_coding zinc finger protein 76 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13149] 0.028
ENSG00000259618 RP11-562A8.5 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000243296 RP11-779P15.1 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000062725 APPBP2 protein_coding amyloid beta precursor protein (cytoplasmic tail) binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:622] 0.028
ENSG00000257222 RP11-554E23.4 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000232640 RP1-266L20.2 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000235612 RP1-158P9.1 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000104177 MYEF2 protein_coding myelin expression factor 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17940] 0.028
ENSG00000227372 TP73-AS1 antisense TP73 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29052] 0.028
ENSG00000197927 C2orf27A protein_coding chromosome 2 open reading frame 27A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25077] 0.028
ENSG00000198556 ZNF789 protein_coding zinc finger protein 789 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27801] 0.028
ENSG00000166704 ZNF606 protein_coding zinc finger protein 606 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25879] 0.028
ENSG00000250295 RP11-434I12.2 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000223642 AC008277.1 antisense 0.028
ENSG00000260151 RP11-748L13.6 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000101115 SALL4 protein_coding sal-like 4 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15924] 0.028
ENSG00000254088 SLC2A3P4 pseudogene solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), member 3 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31076] 0.028
ENSG00000226800 CACTIN-AS1 antisense CACTIN antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31391] 0.028
ENSG00000104953 TLE6 protein_coding transducin-like enhancer of split 6 (E(sp1) homolog, Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30788] 0.028
ENSG00000121903 ZSCAN20 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13093] 0.028
ENSG00000197566 ZNF624 protein_coding zinc finger protein 624 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29254] 0.028
ENSG00000241151 RP11-454C18.1 lincRNA 0.028
ENSG00000260224 UBL5P4 pseudogene ubiquitin-like 5 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44642] 0.028
ENSG00000207046 RNU6-886P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 886, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47849] 0.029
ENSG00000196387 ZNF140 protein_coding zinc finger protein 140 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12925] 0.029
ENSG00000151665 PIGF protein_coding phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class F [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8962] 0.029
ENSG00000246089 RP11-115C21.2 antisense 0.029
ENSG00000232082 RPS6KA2-IT1 other RPS6KA2 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41378] 0.029
ENSG00000269282 AC024257.1 protein_coding CDNA FLJ26186 fis, clone ADG04757; Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:Q6ZP97] 0.029
ENSG00000227698 AP001619.2 other 0.029
ENSG00000243473 RP4-545L17.7 other 0.029
ENSG00000206573 SETD5-AS1 antisense SETD5 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44478] 0.029
ENSG00000228540 IMMP2L-IT1 other IMMP2L intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41402] 0.029
ENSG00000231028 LINC00271 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 271 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32526] 0.029
ENSG00000113811 SELK protein_coding selenoprotein K [Source:RefSeq peptide;Acc:NP_067060] 0.029
ENSG00000232277 AC104651.3 pseudogene 0.029
ENSG00000073050 XRCC1 protein_coding X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12828] 0.029
ENSG00000262943 ALOX12P2 pseudogene arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:432] 0.029
ENSG00000241207 RP11-344N17.3 pseudogene 0.029
ENSG00000249931 GOLGA8K protein_coding golgin A8 family, member K [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38652] 0.029
ENSG00000259798 RP11-23E19.2 antisense 0.029
ENSG00000241174 RN7SL570P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 570, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46586] 0.029
ENSG00000214417 KRT18P13 pseudogene keratin 18 pseudogene 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6432] 0.029
ENSG00000235267 AC074117.13 pseudogene 0.029
ENSG00000168434 COG7 protein_coding component of oligomeric golgi complex 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18622] 0.029
ENSG00000263316 RP11-530N7.3 antisense 0.029
ENSG00000214655 ZSWIM8 protein_coding zinc finger, SWIM-type containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23528] 0.029
ENSG00000265646 TUFMP1 pseudogene Tu translation elongation factor, mitochondrial pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12421] 0.03
ENSG00000224957 AC090044.1 lincRNA 0.03
ENSG00000125503 PPP1R12C protein_coding protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 12C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14947] 0.03
ENSG00000255036 RP11-23J9.4 other 0.03
ENSG00000170409 CTA-313A17.2 pseudogene 0.03
ENSG00000259762 RP11-158M2.4 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000132004 FBXW9 protein_coding F-box and WD repeat domain containing 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28136] 0.03
ENSG00000219481 NBPF1 protein_coding neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26088] 0.03
ENSG00000272226 RP11-63G10.3 lincRNA 0.03
ENSG00000173486 FKBP2 protein_coding FK506 binding protein 2, 13kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3718] 0.03
ENSG00000234028 AC062029.1 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000220744 RPL5P18 pseudogene ribosomal protein L5 pseudogene 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:36640] 0.03
ENSG00000248341 AC115115.2 other 0.03
ENSG00000238197 PAXBP1-AS1 other PAXBP1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39603] 0.03
ENSG00000228983 AC025627.7 pseudogene 0.03
ENSG00000270115 RP11-415J8.7 lincRNA 0.03
ENSG00000256571 RP11-274J7.2 other 0.03
ENSG00000267546 RP11-666A8.8 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000163002 NUP35 protein_coding nucleoporin 35kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29797] 0.03
ENSG00000234943 AC092839.4 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000267176 CTB-179K24.3 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000178229 ZNF543 protein_coding zinc finger protein 543 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25281] 0.03
ENSG00000144747 TMF1 protein_coding TATA element modulatory factor 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11870] 0.03
ENSG00000232129 AC011385.2 pseudogene 0.03
ENSG00000147130 ZMYM3 protein_coding zinc finger, MYM-type 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13054] 0.03
ENSG00000162669 HFM1 protein_coding HFM1, ATP-dependent DNA helicase homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20193] 0.03
ENSG00000260919 CTD-3154N5.1 antisense 0.03
ENSG00000159167 STC1 protein_coding stanniocalcin 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11373] 0.03
ENSG00000166455 C16orf46 protein_coding chromosome 16 open reading frame 46 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26525] 0.03
ENSG00000070778 PTPN21 protein_coding protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 21 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9651] 0.03
ENSG00000117625 RCOR3 protein_coding REST corepressor 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25594] 0.03
ENSG00000179979 CRIPAK protein_coding cysteine-rich PAK1 inhibitor [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26619] 0.03
ENSG00000162300 ZFPL1 protein_coding zinc finger protein-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12868] 0.03
ENSG00000151693 ASAP2 protein_coding ArfGAP with SH3 domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2721] 0.03
ENSG00000134627 PIWIL4 protein_coding piwi-like RNA-mediated gene silencing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18444] 0.03
ENSG00000249129 SUDS3P1 pseudogene suppressor of defective silencing 3 homolog (S. cerevisiae) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44000] 0.031
ENSG00000188596 C12orf55 protein_coding chromosome 12 open reading frame 55 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26456] 0.031
ENSG00000262333 HNRNPA1P16 pseudogene heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39134] 0.031
ENSG00000242622 RP11-18H7.1 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000255555 AP000857.3 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000265490 RP11-806L2.6 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000144451 SPAG16 protein_coding sperm associated antigen 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23225] 0.031
ENSG00000262903 RP11-235E17.6 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000237180 CYP46A4P pseudogene cytochrome P450, family 46, subfamily A, polypeptide 4, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42349] 0.031
ENSG00000238939 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.031
ENSG00000226864 RP11-500G22.2 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000254099 AC005740.5 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000264840 RN7SL404P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 404, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46420] 0.031
ENSG00000084072 PPIE protein_coding peptidylprolyl isomerase E (cyclophilin E) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9258] 0.031
ENSG00000222421 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.031
ENSG00000239856 RN7SL225P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 225, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46241] 0.031
ENSG00000267254 CTD-2162K18.5 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000119965 C10orf88 protein_coding chromosome 10 open reading frame 88 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25822] 0.031
ENSG00000224628 RP5-854E16.2 pseudogene 0.031
ENSG00000271401 RP11-171I2.3 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000220517 ASS1P1 pseudogene argininosuccinate synthetase 1 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:759] 0.031
ENSG00000119906 FAM178A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 178, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17814] 0.031
ENSG00000266968 RP11-116O18.1 other 0.031
ENSG00000221858 OR2A12 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamily A, member 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15082] 0.031
ENSG00000232848 CTA-215D11.4 pseudogene 0.031
ENSG00000074621 SLC24A1 protein_coding solute carrier family 24 (sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger), member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10975] 0.031
ENSG00000180383 DEFB124 protein_coding defensin, beta 124 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18104] 0.031
ENSG00000258670 RP11-1042B17.3 antisense 0.031
ENSG00000221909 FAM200A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 200, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25401] 0.031
ENSG00000172943 PHF8 protein_coding PHD finger protein 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20672] 0.031
ENSG00000177788 RP5-1061H20.4 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000223695 RP4-633O19__A.1 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000153208 MERTK protein_coding c-mer proto-oncogene tyrosine kinase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7027] 0.031
ENSG00000174306 ZHX3 protein_coding zinc fingers and homeoboxes 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15935] 0.031
ENSG00000231084 CTA-253N17.1 pseudogene 0.031
ENSG00000087087 SRRT protein_coding serrate RNA effector molecule homolog (Arabidopsis) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24101] 0.031
ENSG00000165511 C10orf25 protein_coding chromosome 10 open reading frame 25 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23509] 0.031
ENSG00000230850 RP11-782C8.1 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000233757 AC092835.2 lincRNA 0.031
ENSG00000238948 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.031
ENSG00000243642 RN7SL526P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 526, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46542] 0.031
ENSG00000184428 TOP1MT protein_coding topoisomerase (DNA) I, mitochondrial [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29787] 0.032
ENSG00000269930 RP11-932O9.9 lincRNA 0.032
ENSG00000177993 ZNRF3-AS1 other ZNRF3 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41927] 0.032
ENSG00000259515 RP11-365N19.2 antisense 0.032
ENSG00000242229 RPS3AP14 pseudogene ribosomal protein S3a pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35715] 0.032
ENSG00000183054 RGPD6 protein_coding RANBP2-like and GRIP domain containing 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32419] 0.032
ENSG00000267220 CTC-260E6.9 pseudogene 0.032
ENSG00000205758 CRYZL1 protein_coding crystallin, zeta (quinone reductase)-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2420] 0.032
ENSG00000256143 Z95704.5 pseudogene 0.032
ENSG00000227987 AC092675.4 other 0.032
ENSG00000137764 MAP2K5 protein_coding mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6845] 0.032
ENSG00000225663 FAM195B protein_coding family with sequence similarity 195, member B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28007] 0.032
ENSG00000207696 MIR659 other microRNA 659 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32915] 0.032
ENSG00000228439 TSTD3 antisense thiosulfate sulfurtransferase (rhodanese)-like domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40910] 0.032
ENSG00000149328 GLB1L2 protein_coding galactosidase, beta 1-like 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25129] 0.032
ENSG00000243107 AC000120.7 other 0.032
ENSG00000228879 RP11-439E19.6 pseudogene 0.032
ENSG00000228395 RP11-216B9.6 antisense 0.032
ENSG00000232687 RPL12P9 pseudogene ribosomal protein L12 pseudogene 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23766] 0.032
ENSG00000187257 RSBN1L protein_coding round spermatid basic protein 1-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24765] 0.032
ENSG00000205189 ZBTB10 protein_coding zinc finger and BTB domain containing 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30953] 0.032
ENSG00000259336 RP11-323I15.5 lincRNA 0.032
ENSG00000099284 H2AFY2 protein_coding H2A histone family, member Y2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14453] 0.032
ENSG00000204172 AGAP10 protein_coding ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23462] 0.033
ENSG00000110721 CHKA protein_coding choline kinase alpha [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1937] 0.033
ENSG00000231278 OR9S24P pseudogene olfactory receptor, family 9, subfamily S, member 24 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31288] 0.033
ENSG00000271709 RP11-297J22.1 lincRNA 0.033
ENSG00000170085 SIMC1 protein_coding SUMO-interacting motifs containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24779] 0.033
ENSG00000101363 MANBAL protein_coding mannosidase, beta A, lysosomal-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15799] 0.033
ENSG00000226232 RP11-419C5.2 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:F8VRJ9] 0.033
ENSG00000165516 KLHDC2 protein_coding kelch domain containing 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20231] 0.033
ENSG00000166532 RIMKLB protein_coding ribosomal modification protein rimK-like family member B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29228] 0.033
ENSG00000267908 ZSCAN5D protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 5D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37706] 0.033
ENSG00000113262 GRM6 protein_coding glutamate receptor, metabotropic 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4598] 0.033
ENSG00000179085 DPM3 protein_coding dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3007] 0.033
ENSG00000135164 DMTF1 protein_coding cyclin D binding myb-like transcription factor 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14603] 0.033
ENSG00000218261 RP11-96J19.1 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000258366 RTEL1 protein_coding regulator of telomere elongation helicase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15888] 0.033
ENSG00000256390 AC092143.1 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000233028 RP4-725G10.4 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000117480 FAAH protein_coding fatty acid amide hydrolase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3553] 0.033
ENSG00000136935 GOLGA1 protein_coding golgin A1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4424] 0.033
ENSG00000234427 RP3-413H6.2 lincRNA 0.033
ENSG00000251689 RP11-478C6.5 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000172332 AC012005.2 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000001631 KRIT1 protein_coding KRIT1, ankyrin repeat containing [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1573] 0.033
ENSG00000177868 CCDC23 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29204] 0.033
ENSG00000234684 SDCBP2-AS1 other SDCBP2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44314] 0.033
ENSG00000188681 TEKT4P2 pseudogene tektin 4 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40046] 0.033
ENSG00000266613 RFWD2P1 pseudogene ring finger and WD repeat domain 2, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31900] 0.033
ENSG00000231466 CTA-246H3.11 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000197617 VN1R5 pseudogene vomeronasal 1 receptor 5 (gene/pseudogene) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19870] 0.033
ENSG00000179523 EIF3J-AS1 lincRNA EIF3J antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48616] 0.033
ENSG00000101199 ARFGAP1 protein_coding ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15852] 0.033
ENSG00000188626 GOLGA8M protein_coding golgin A8 family, member M [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44404] 0.033
ENSG00000162076 FLYWCH2 protein_coding FLYWCH family member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25178] 0.033
ENSG00000248423 RP11-235P11.1 pseudogene 0.033
ENSG00000271918 CTD-2287O16.5 antisense 0.033
ENSG00000241127 YAE1D1 protein_coding Yae1 domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24857] 0.033
ENSG00000171456 ASXL1 protein_coding additional sex combs like 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18318] 0.033
ENSG00000119147 C2orf40 protein_coding chromosome 2 open reading frame 40 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24642] 0.034
ENSG00000181619 GPR135 protein_coding G protein-coupled receptor 135 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19991] 0.034
ENSG00000264734 RP11-260A9.6 lincRNA 0.034
ENSG00000184949 FAM227A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 227, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44197] 0.034
ENSG00000199959 SNORA2 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA2/SNORA34 family [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00410] 0.034
ENSG00000269621 RP11-98D18.15 antisense 0.034
ENSG00000251639 RP11-20I20.1 pseudogene 0.034
ENSG00000241532 AGGF1P3 pseudogene angiogenic factor with G patch and FHA domains 1 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38053] 0.034
ENSG00000267490 CTD-3116E22.6 pseudogene 0.034
ENSG00000240173 RN7SL771P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 771, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46787] 0.034
ENSG00000233296 AC092159.2 antisense 0.034
ENSG00000232098 CTD-2619J13.14 lincRNA 0.034
ENSG00000236914 RP11-1008C21.2 lincRNA 0.034
ENSG00000227773 ASH1L-IT1 other ASH1L intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41449] 0.034
ENSG00000102996 MMP15 protein_coding matrix metallopeptidase 15 (membrane-inserted) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7161] 0.034
ENSG00000240401 AC012358.8 antisense 0.034
ENSG00000265229 RN7SL112P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 112, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46128] 0.034
ENSG00000101216 GMEB2 protein_coding glucocorticoid modulatory element binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4371] 0.034
ENSG00000102977 ACD protein_coding adrenocortical dysplasia homolog (mouse) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25070] 0.034
ENSG00000177839 PCDHB9 pseudogene protocadherin beta 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8694] 0.034
ENSG00000235182 RP11-348H3.4 pseudogene 0.034
ENSG00000203435 AC104600.1 pseudogene 0.034
ENSG00000169635 HIC2 protein_coding hypermethylated in cancer 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18595] 0.034
ENSG00000245711 NADK2-AS1 antisense NADK2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41143] 0.034
ENSG00000201207 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.034
ENSG00000219626 FAM228B protein_coding family with sequence similarity 228, member B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24736] 0.034
ENSG00000243562 RN7SL838P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 838, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46854] 0.034
ENSG00000174080 CTSF protein_coding cathepsin F [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2531] 0.034
ENSG00000261057 LINC00555 antisense long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 555 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43699] 0.034
ENSG00000188388 GOLGA6L3 pseudogene golgin A6 family-like 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37441] 0.034
ENSG00000256981 TAS2R18 pseudogene taste receptor, type 2, member 18 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19107] 0.034
ENSG00000260565 ERVK13-1 other endogenous retrovirus group K13, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27548] 0.034
ENSG00000167930 ITFG3 protein_coding integrin alpha FG-GAP repeat containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14163] 0.034
ENSG00000215283 HMGB3P24 pseudogene high mobility group box 3 pseudogene 24 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39316] 0.035
ENSG00000174332 GLIS1 protein_coding GLIS family zinc finger 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29525] 0.035
ENSG00000087338 GMCL1 protein_coding germ cell-less, spermatogenesis associated 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23843] 0.035
ENSG00000147421 HMBOX1 protein_coding homeobox containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26137] 0.035
ENSG00000072849 DERL2 protein_coding derlin 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17943] 0.035
ENSG00000238300 SNORD121B other small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 121B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33569] 0.035
ENSG00000250326 RP11-284M14.1 antisense 0.035
ENSG00000237756 RP11-77M5.1 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000259859 RP11-439I14.2 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000197599 CCDC154 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 154 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34454] 0.035
ENSG00000227795 AC092796.1 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000217165 ANKRD18EP pseudogene ankyrin repeat domain 18E, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43609] 0.035
ENSG00000215838 RP11-466F5.6 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000232274 RP11-782C8.2 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000227479 AC124861.1 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000153237 CCDC148 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 148 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25191] 0.035
ENSG00000267340 RP11-242D8.3 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000224438 RP4-816N1.1 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000219712 RP11-532F6.2 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000204556 CTD-2514C3.1 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000271576 RP11-486G15.2 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000250971 RP11-696F12.1 lincRNA 0.035
ENSG00000221091 MIR1302-5 other microRNA 1302-5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35297] 0.035
ENSG00000115561 CHMP3 protein_coding charged multivesicular body protein 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29865] 0.035
ENSG00000204149 AGAP6 protein_coding ArfGAP with GTPase domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23466] 0.035
ENSG00000160563 MED27 protein_coding mediator complex subunit 27 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2377] 0.035
ENSG00000257019 OR13C2 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 13, subfamily C, member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14701] 0.035
ENSG00000223754 AC008073.9 antisense 0.035
ENSG00000164916 FOXK1 protein_coding forkhead box K1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23480] 0.035
ENSG00000239472 RN7SL221P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 221, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46237] 0.035
ENSG00000136436 CALCOCO2 protein_coding calcium binding and coiled-coil domain 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29912] 0.035
ENSG00000270429 KNOP1P2 pseudogene lysine-rich nucleolar protein 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48920] 0.035
ENSG00000271662 RP11-141C7.3 pseudogene 0.035
ENSG00000176378 PFN1P10 pseudogene profilin 1 pseudogene 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42985] 0.035
ENSG00000166444 ST5 protein_coding suppression of tumorigenicity 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11350] 0.035
ENSG00000242798 RP11-506M12.1 other 0.036
ENSG00000181666 HKR1 protein_coding HKR1, GLI-Kruppel zinc finger family member [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4928] 0.036
ENSG00000102710 SUPT20H protein_coding suppressor of Ty 20 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20596] 0.036
ENSG00000255085 AF186192.5 pseudogene 0.036
ENSG00000054267 ARID4B protein_coding AT rich interactive domain 4B (RBP1-like) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15550] 0.036
ENSG00000225598 RP11-339D23.1 lincRNA 0.036
ENSG00000237004 ZNRF2P1 pseudogene zinc and ring finger 2 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42792] 0.036
ENSG00000173698 GPR64 protein_coding G protein-coupled receptor 64 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4516] 0.036
ENSG00000260036 RP11-178D12.2 pseudogene 0.036
ENSG00000260924 AC004463.6 antisense 0.036
ENSG00000252919 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.036
ENSG00000201378 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.036
ENSG00000243176 RP11-550I24.2 other 0.036
ENSG00000104154 SLC30A4 protein_coding solute carrier family 30 (zinc transporter), member 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11015] 0.036
ENSG00000170165 CR848007.2 pseudogene 0.036
ENSG00000249885 ARHGEF38-IT1 other ARHGEF38 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41483] 0.036
ENSG00000144134 RABL2A protein_coding RAB, member of RAS oncogene family-like 2A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9799] 0.036
ENSG00000091536 MYO15A protein_coding myosin XVA [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7594] 0.036
ENSG00000239486 RP11-163E9.1 pseudogene 0.036
ENSG00000241266 RN7SL82P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 82, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46098] 0.036
ENSG00000235151 AC114730.2 antisense 0.036
ENSG00000181894 ZNF329 protein_coding zinc finger protein 329 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14209] 0.036
ENSG00000221164 SNORA11 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA11 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00614] 0.036
ENSG00000205275 CSPG4P9 pseudogene chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4 pseudogene 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48360] 0.036
ENSG00000255342 RP11-762B21.5 pseudogene 0.036
ENSG00000246792 RP11-68L18.1 antisense 0.036
ENSG00000225602 MTOR-AS1 antisense MTOR antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40242] 0.036
ENSG00000229666 MAST4-AS1 antisense MAST4 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40865] 0.036
ENSG00000228569 AC073133.2 lincRNA 0.036
ENSG00000258978 HIF1AP1 pseudogene hypoxia inducible factor 1, alpha subunit (basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43016] 0.036
ENSG00000071894 CPSF1 protein_coding cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor 1, 160kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2324] 0.036
ENSG00000224687 RASAL2-AS1 lincRNA RASAL2 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44170] 0.036
ENSG00000244371 PFN1P8 pseudogene profilin 1 pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42986] 0.036
ENSG00000267213 AC007773.2 lincRNA 0.036
ENSG00000088256 GNA11 protein_coding guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha 11 (Gq class) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4379] 0.036
ENSG00000112584 FAM120B protein_coding family with sequence similarity 120B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21109] 0.036
ENSG00000105556 MIER2 protein_coding mesoderm induction early response 1, family member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29210] 0.036
ENSG00000136487 GH2 protein_coding growth hormone 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4262] 0.037
ENSG00000229382 BX322557.13 lincRNA 0.037
ENSG00000230993 AC018737.6 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000064995 TAF11 protein_coding TAF11 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 28kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11544] 0.037
ENSG00000141456 PELP1 protein_coding proline, glutamate and leucine rich protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30134] 0.037
ENSG00000254485 RP11-380O24.1 antisense 0.037
ENSG00000134744 ZCCHC11 protein_coding zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28981] 0.037
ENSG00000157349 DDX19B protein_coding DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 19B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2742] 0.037
ENSG00000148215 OR5C1 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 5, subfamily C, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8331] 0.037
ENSG00000196263 ZNF471 protein_coding zinc finger protein 471 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23226] 0.037
ENSG00000244119 PDCL3P4 pseudogene phosducin-like 3 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44505] 0.037
ENSG00000238838 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.037
ENSG00000227735 RP11-523K4.2 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000101442 ACTR5 protein_coding ARP5 actin-related protein 5 homolog (yeast) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14671] 0.037
ENSG00000233157 RP3-388M5.8 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000251484 RP5-1065J22.4 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000234043 RP11-56M3.1 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000237961 RP11-1281K21.1 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000236483 CTD-3105H18.8 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000231170 AC002451.3 antisense 0.037
ENSG00000262728 AC123768.4 lincRNA 0.037
ENSG00000270876 CTC-523E23.8 lincRNA 0.037
ENSG00000236325 AC005300.5 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000163312 HELQ protein_coding helicase, POLQ-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18536] 0.037
ENSG00000201164 RNU4-36P other RNA, U4 small nuclear 36, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46972] 0.037
ENSG00000104969 SGTA protein_coding small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-containing, alpha [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10819] 0.037
ENSG00000199377 RNU5F-1 other RNA, U5F small nuclear 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10216] 0.037
ENSG00000244006 RN7SL799P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 799, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46815] 0.037
ENSG00000271172 RP11-660M5.1 lincRNA 0.037
ENSG00000101493 ZNF516 protein_coding zinc finger protein 516 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28990] 0.037
ENSG00000187815 ZFP69 protein_coding ZFP69 zinc finger protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24708] 0.037
ENSG00000250940 RP11-489M13.3 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000242163 RP11-299L17.1 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000185787 MORF4L1 protein_coding mortality factor 4 like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16989] 0.037
ENSG00000213542 RP11-467H10.1 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000252481 SCARNA13 other small Cajal body-specific RNA 13 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32570] 0.037
ENSG00000267002 RP11-242D8.1 lincRNA 0.037
ENSG00000241923 RP11-425I13.1 pseudogene 0.037
ENSG00000083544 TDRD3 protein_coding tudor domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20612] 0.037
ENSG00000237664 LINC00316 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 316 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19723] 0.037
ENSG00000242871 RN7SL109P other RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 109, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46125] 0.038
ENSG00000197579 TOPORS protein_coding topoisomerase I binding, arginine/serine-rich, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21653] 0.038
ENSG00000237741 AC002368.4 antisense 0.038
ENSG00000197134 ZNF257 protein_coding zinc finger protein 257 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13498] 0.038
ENSG00000213463 SYNJ2BP protein_coding synaptojanin 2 binding protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18955] 0.038
ENSG00000226752 PSMD5-AS1 antisense PSMD5 antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27367] 0.038
ENSG00000184903 IMMP2L protein_coding IMP2 inner mitochondrial membrane peptidase-like (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14598] 0.038
ENSG00000150636 CCDC102B protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 102B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26295] 0.038
ENSG00000234719 RP11-166B2.1 protein_coding NPIP-like protein LOC729978 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:A6NJ64] 0.038
ENSG00000267282 CTB-129P6.4 antisense 0.038
ENSG00000187824 TMEM220 protein_coding transmembrane protein 220 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33757] 0.038
ENSG00000184047 DIABLO protein_coding diablo, IAP-binding mitochondrial protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21528] 0.038
ENSG00000235875 ARHGEF7-AS2 antisense ARHGEF7 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40717] 0.038
ENSG00000147654 EBAG9 protein_coding estrogen receptor binding site associated, antigen, 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3123] 0.038
ENSG00000113504 SLC12A7 protein_coding solute carrier family 12 (potassium/chloride transporters), member 7 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10915] 0.038
ENSG00000246339 EXTL3-AS1 antisense EXTL3 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27985] 0.038
ENSG00000167981 ZNF597 protein_coding zinc finger protein 597 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26573] 0.038
ENSG00000166263 STXBP4 protein_coding syntaxin binding protein 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19694] 0.038
ENSG00000234171 AC108488.3 antisense 0.038
ENSG00000252122 SNORA76 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA76 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00598] 0.038
ENSG00000167674 HDGFRP2 protein_coding Hepatoma-derived growth factor-related protein 2 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q7Z4V5] 0.038
ENSG00000102595 UGGT2 protein_coding UDP-glucose glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15664] 0.038
ENSG00000200191 U8 other U8 small nucleolar RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00096] 0.038
ENSG00000124006 OBSL1 protein_coding obscurin-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29092] 0.038
ENSG00000145388 METTL14 protein_coding methyltransferase like 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29330] 0.038
ENSG00000225075 RP11-426L16.3 antisense 0.038
ENSG00000255440 RP11-632K5.2 other 0.038
ENSG00000120833 SOCS2 protein_coding suppressor of cytokine signaling 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19382] 0.038
ENSG00000187954 CYHR1 protein_coding cysteine/histidine-rich 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17806] 0.038
ENSG00000234585 CCT6P3 pseudogene chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 6 (zeta) pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35137] 0.038
ENSG00000249626 RP11-496H1.1 pseudogene 0.038
ENSG00000143952 VPS54 protein_coding vacuolar protein sorting 54 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18652] 0.039
ENSG00000266736 RP11-260A9.4 pseudogene 0.039
ENSG00000166233 ARIH1 protein_coding ariadne homolog, ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 binding protein, 1 (Drosophila) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:689] 0.039
ENSG00000243153 RP11-342M1.4 antisense 0.039
ENSG00000100629 CEP128 protein_coding centrosomal protein 128kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20359] 0.039
ENSG00000167380 ZNF226 protein_coding zinc finger protein 226 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13019] 0.039
ENSG00000258587 RP11-316E14.2 pseudogene 0.039
ENSG00000239997 FCF1P3 pseudogene FCF1 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44615] 0.039
ENSG00000164989 CCDC171 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 171 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29828] 0.039
ENSG00000260114 CTD-2574D22.4 other 0.039
ENSG00000106009 BRAT1 protein_coding BRCA1-associated ATM activator 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21701] 0.039
ENSG00000125633 CCDC93 protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 93 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25611] 0.039
ENSG00000130202 PVRL2 protein_coding poliovirus receptor-related 2 (herpesvirus entry mediator B) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9707] 0.039
ENSG00000237686 RP5-1120P11.1 antisense 0.039
ENSG00000221990 C5orf55 protein_coding chromosome 5 open reading frame 55 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25175] 0.039
ENSG00000176857 GJA1P1 pseudogene gap junction protein, alpha 1, 43kDa pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4275] 0.039
ENSG00000140488 CELF6 protein_coding CUGBP, Elav-like family member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14059] 0.039
ENSG00000225681 AC005730.2 pseudogene 0.039
ENSG00000271618 RP11-175G14.2 pseudogene 0.039
ENSG00000248863 RP11-83A24.1 pseudogene 0.039
ENSG00000223941 KCNMB2-IT1 other KCNMB2 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41353] 0.039
ENSG00000119684 MLH3 protein_coding mutL homolog 3 (E. coli) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7128] 0.039
ENSG00000225310 DNAJC19P4 pseudogene DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 19 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:45067] 0.039
ENSG00000108666 C17orf75 protein_coding chromosome 17 open reading frame 75 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30173] 0.039
ENSG00000229534 HNRNPA1P53 pseudogene heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 pseudogene 53 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48783] 0.039
ENSG00000127720 METTL25 protein_coding methyltransferase like 25 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26228] 0.039
ENSG00000224383 C17orf72 protein_coding chromosome 17 open reading frame 72 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25673] 0.039
ENSG00000268157 AC010524.4 antisense 0.039
ENSG00000221933 OR2A25 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamily A, member 25 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19562] 0.039
ENSG00000186530 XKR5 other XK, Kell blood group complex subunit-related family, member 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20782] 0.039
ENSG00000117425 PTCH2 protein_coding patched 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9586] 0.039
ENSG00000239128 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.039
ENSG00000222005 AC016722.1 protein_coding Uncharacterized protein [Source:UniProtKB/TrEMBL;Acc:B8ZZR3] 0.04
ENSG00000184307 ZDHHC23 protein_coding zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28654] 0.04
ENSG00000184785 SMIM10 protein_coding small integral membrane protein 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41913] 0.04
ENSG00000227799 AC012358.4 pseudogene 0.04
ENSG00000198440 ZNF583 protein_coding zinc finger protein 583 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26427] 0.04
ENSG00000227308 AC009502.4 lincRNA 0.04
ENSG00000176239 OR51B6 protein_coding olfactory receptor, family 51, subfamily B, member 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:19600] 0.04
ENSG00000241155 ARHGAP31-AS1 antisense ARHGAP31 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41235] 0.04
ENSG00000253114 RP11-550I15.1 pseudogene 0.04
ENSG00000252980 RNU6-367P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 367, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:47330] 0.04
ENSG00000268983 AC005253.4 antisense 0.04
ENSG00000272430 RP11-38L15.8 lincRNA 0.04
ENSG00000258851 RP11-894P9.2 antisense 0.04
ENSG00000238592 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.04
ENSG00000239510 RPL9P5 pseudogene ribosomal protein L9 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23557] 0.04
ENSG00000199571 SNORA22 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA22 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00414] 0.04
ENSG00000163072 NOSTRIN protein_coding nitric oxide synthase trafficker [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20203] 0.04
ENSG00000224568 AC096669.3 lincRNA 0.04
ENSG00000259416 RP11-158M2.5 antisense 0.04
ENSG00000236804 RPS3AP12 pseudogene ribosomal protein S3a pseudogene 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35527] 0.04
ENSG00000047578 KIAA0556 protein_coding KIAA0556 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29068] 0.04
ENSG00000223779 RP11-403I13.4 lincRNA 0.04
ENSG00000232075 MRPL35P2 pseudogene mitochondrial ribosomal protein L35 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29706] 0.04
ENSG00000248557 RP11-390G14.1 pseudogene 0.04
ENSG00000160058 BSDC1 protein_coding BSD domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25501] 0.04
ENSG00000152082 MZT2B protein_coding mitotic spindle organizing protein 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25886] 0.04
ENSG00000232217 FTLP8 pseudogene ferritin, light polypeptide pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37956] 0.04
ENSG00000267124 CTD-3113P16.5 antisense 0.04
ENSG00000107623 GDF10 protein_coding growth differentiation factor 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4215] 0.04
ENSG00000100065 CARD10 protein_coding caspase recruitment domain family, member 10 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16422] 0.041
ENSG00000112701 SENP6 protein_coding SUMO1/sentrin specific peptidase 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20944] 0.041
ENSG00000252347 RNU6-1046P other RNA, U6 small nuclear 1046, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48009] 0.041
ENSG00000270777 RP11-103J8.2 lincRNA 0.041
ENSG00000132773 TOE1 protein_coding target of EGR1, member 1 (nuclear) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:15954] 0.041
ENSG00000110328 GALNT18 protein_coding UDP-N-acetyl-alpha-D-galactosamine:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30488] 0.041
ENSG00000108264 TADA2A protein_coding transcriptional adaptor 2A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11531] 0.041
ENSG00000105877 DNAH11 protein_coding dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 11 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2942] 0.041
ENSG00000236510 AC011284.3 antisense 0.041
ENSG00000238537 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.041
ENSG00000269540 CTD-2126E3.5 pseudogene 0.041
ENSG00000231518 RP11-327L3.3 antisense 0.041
ENSG00000163785 RYK protein_coding receptor-like tyrosine kinase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10481] 0.041
ENSG00000237672 KRR1P1 pseudogene KRR1, small subunit (SSU) processome component, homolog (yeast) pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39580] 0.041
ENSG00000158691 ZSCAN12 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 12 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13172] 0.041
ENSG00000207635 MIR499A other microRNA 499a [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32133] 0.041
ENSG00000249742 RP11-217E13.1 lincRNA 0.041
ENSG00000182796 TMEM198B pseudogene transmembrane protein 198B, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43629] 0.041
ENSG00000170498 KISS1 protein_coding KiSS-1 metastasis-suppressor [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6341] 0.041
ENSG00000214338 SOGA3 protein_coding SOGA family member 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21494] 0.041
ENSG00000169727 GPS1 protein_coding G protein pathway suppressor 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4549] 0.041
ENSG00000221246 AC144522.1 other 0.041
ENSG00000248445 CTB-118N6.3 antisense 0.041
ENSG00000186300 ZNF555 protein_coding zinc finger protein 555 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28382] 0.041
ENSG00000158023 WDR66 protein_coding WD repeat domain 66 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28506] 0.041
ENSG00000247271 ZBED5-AS1 antisense ZBED5 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48646] 0.041
ENSG00000146707 POMZP3 protein_coding POM121 and ZP3 fusion [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9203] 0.041
ENSG00000248919 ATP5J2-PTCD1 protein_coding ATP5J2-PTCD1 readthrough [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:38844] 0.041
ENSG00000225133 MORF4L1P4 pseudogene mortality factor 4 like 1 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39257] 0.041
ENSG00000166169 POLL protein_coding polymerase (DNA directed), lambda [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9184] 0.041
ENSG00000223473 GS1-124K5.3 lincRNA 0.041
ENSG00000070444 MNT protein_coding MNT, MAX dimerization protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7188] 0.041
ENSG00000174197 MGA protein_coding MGA, MAX dimerization protein [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14010] 0.041
ENSG00000257591 ZNF625 protein_coding zinc finger protein 625 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30571] 0.042
ENSG00000132740 IGHMBP2 protein_coding immunoglobulin mu binding protein 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:5542] 0.042
ENSG00000248932 RP11-319G6.1 antisense 0.042
ENSG00000133731 IMPA1 protein_coding inositol(myo)-1(or 4)-monophosphatase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6050] 0.042
ENSG00000156239 N6AMT1 protein_coding N-6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 1 (putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16021] 0.042
ENSG00000103852 TTC23 protein_coding tetratricopeptide repeat domain 23 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25730] 0.042
ENSG00000076242 MLH1 protein_coding mutL homolog 1, colon cancer, nonpolyposis type 2 (E. coli) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7127] 0.042
ENSG00000235571 SNX18P14 pseudogene sorting nexin 18 pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39622] 0.042
ENSG00000232986 RP11-179A7.2 lincRNA 0.042
ENSG00000187667 WHAMMP3 pseudogene WAS protein homolog associated with actin, golgi membranes and microtubules pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27892] 0.042
ENSG00000261794 GOLGA8H protein_coding golgin A8 family, member H [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37443] 0.042
ENSG00000271427 RP11-188D8.1 lincRNA 0.042
ENSG00000146834 MEPCE protein_coding methylphosphate capping enzyme [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20247] 0.042
ENSG00000269952 RP11-324I22.3 other 0.042
ENSG00000248946 RP11-1281K21.7 pseudogene 0.042
ENSG00000054983 GALC protein_coding galactosylceramidase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4115] 0.042
ENSG00000106012 IQCE protein_coding IQ motif containing E [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29171] 0.042
ENSG00000267676 THA1P pseudogene threonine aldolase 1, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18004] 0.042
ENSG00000239306 RBM14 protein_coding RNA binding motif protein 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14219] 0.042
ENSG00000161277 THAP8 protein_coding THAP domain containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23191] 0.042
ENSG00000233343 ATP6V1G1P4 pseudogene ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 13kDa, V1 subunit G1 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37671] 0.042
ENSG00000258890 CEP95 protein_coding centrosomal protein 95kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25141] 0.042
ENSG00000228625 RP11-1B20.1 antisense 0.042
ENSG00000137656 BUD13 protein_coding BUD13 homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28199] 0.042
ENSG00000261659 LA16c-313D11.12 other 0.042
ENSG00000266216 AL359538.2 other 0.042
ENSG00000262118 RP11-433P17.3 pseudogene 0.042
ENSG00000165684 SNAPC4 protein_coding small nuclear RNA activating complex, polypeptide 4, 190kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11137] 0.042
ENSG00000230565 ZNF32-AS2 antisense ZNF32 antisense RNA 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23593] 0.042
ENSG00000111879 FAM184A protein_coding family with sequence similarity 184, member A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20991] 0.042
ENSG00000107249 GLIS3 protein_coding GLIS family zinc finger 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28510] 0.042
ENSG00000227210 AC079145.4 antisense 0.043
ENSG00000242247 ARFGAP3 protein_coding ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:661] 0.043
ENSG00000149380 P4HA3 protein_coding prolyl 4-hydroxylase, alpha polypeptide III [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30135] 0.043
ENSG00000261187 RP11-1007O24.2 lincRNA 0.043
ENSG00000140987 ZSCAN32 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 32 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20812] 0.043
ENSG00000235338 DUSP5P2 pseudogene dual specificity phosphatase 5 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:44482] 0.043
ENSG00000116809 ZBTB17 protein_coding zinc finger and BTB domain containing 17 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:12936] 0.043
ENSG00000168556 ING2 protein_coding inhibitor of growth family, member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:6063] 0.043
ENSG00000269886 RP11-266J6.2 antisense 0.043
ENSG00000260571 RP11-546B15.2 pseudogene 0.043
ENSG00000199325 RNU4-39P other RNA, U4 small nuclear 39, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46975] 0.043
ENSG00000112685 EXOC2 protein_coding exocyst complex component 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24968] 0.043
ENSG00000232842 RP5-961K14.1 pseudogene 0.043
ENSG00000214401 KANSL1-AS1 antisense KANSL1 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43740] 0.043
ENSG00000149016 TUT1 protein_coding terminal uridylyl transferase 1, U6 snRNA-specific [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26184] 0.043
ENSG00000087365 SF3B2 protein_coding splicing factor 3b, subunit 2, 145kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10769] 0.043
ENSG00000260585 RP13-192B19.2 lincRNA 0.043
ENSG00000168096 ANKS3 protein_coding ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29422] 0.043
ENSG00000123636 BAZ2B protein_coding bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain, 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:963] 0.043
ENSG00000244752 CRYBB2 protein_coding crystallin, beta B2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2398] 0.043
ENSG00000236548 RP11-510H23.1 antisense 0.043
ENSG00000134852 CLOCK protein_coding clock circadian regulator [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2082] 0.043
ENSG00000230087 AC104389.31 pseudogene 0.043
ENSG00000117461 PIK3R3 protein_coding phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 3 (gamma) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8981] 0.043
ENSG00000270424 RP11-1348G14.6 pseudogene 0.043
ENSG00000142186 SCYL1 protein_coding SCY1-like 1 (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14372] 0.044
ENSG00000259570 RP11-671M22.4 pseudogene 0.044
ENSG00000104375 STK3 protein_coding serine/threonine kinase 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11406] 0.044
ENSG00000222990 RNU4-22P other RNA, U4 small nuclear 22, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:46958] 0.044
ENSG00000175611 LINC00476 other long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 476 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27858] 0.044
ENSG00000272521 RP1-63M2.6 antisense 0.044
ENSG00000249465 RBMXP4 pseudogene RNA binding motif protein, X-linked pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:34028] 0.044
ENSG00000167333 TRIM68 protein_coding tripartite motif containing 68 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21161] 0.044
ENSG00000137727 ARHGAP20 protein_coding Rho GTPase activating protein 20 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18357] 0.044
ENSG00000119718 EIF2B2 protein_coding eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B, subunit 2 beta, 39kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3258] 0.044
ENSG00000221639 SNORA3 other Small nucleolar RNA SNORA3/SNORA45 family [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00334] 0.044
ENSG00000237583 AC093166.1 pseudogene 0.044
ENSG00000179743 RP11-169K16.9 antisense 0.044
ENSG00000099899 TRMT2A protein_coding tRNA methyltransferase 2 homolog A (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24974] 0.044
ENSG00000143801 PSEN2 protein_coding presenilin 2 (Alzheimer disease 4) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9509] 0.044
ENSG00000260083 MIR4519 antisense microRNA 4519 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41544] 0.044
ENSG00000226576 RP11-523O18.1 antisense 0.044
ENSG00000237074 RP11-6J21.2 lincRNA 0.044
ENSG00000169379 ARL13B protein_coding ADP-ribosylation factor-like 13B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25419] 0.044
ENSG00000223842 RP11-135J2.3 lincRNA 0.044
ENSG00000260261 RP11-480A16.1 lincRNA 0.044
ENSG00000259298 RP11-562A8.4 antisense 0.045
ENSG00000224295 AC087380.14 pseudogene 0.045
ENSG00000226484 RP11-87M18.2 other 0.045
ENSG00000236474 GCNT1P1 pseudogene glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 1, core 2 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16532] 0.045
ENSG00000221923 ZNF880 protein_coding zinc finger protein 880 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37249] 0.045
ENSG00000070761 C16orf80 protein_coding chromosome 16 open reading frame 80 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29523] 0.045
ENSG00000104691 UBXN8 other UBX domain protein 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30307] 0.045
ENSG00000123307 NEUROD4 protein_coding neuronal differentiation 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13802] 0.045
ENSG00000240622 RP11-521J5.1 pseudogene 0.045
ENSG00000254548 RP11-429J17.5 antisense 0.045
ENSG00000214544 GTF2IRD2P1 pseudogene GTF2I repeat domain containing 2 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33127] 0.045
ENSG00000229326 AC069154.4 pseudogene 0.045
ENSG00000129680 MAP7D3 protein_coding MAP7 domain containing 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25742] 0.045
ENSG00000259330 LINC00984 antisense long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 984 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35165] 0.045
ENSG00000259215 RP11-253M7.4 lincRNA 0.045
ENSG00000233509 ZNF197-AS1 antisense ZNF197 antisense RNA 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:40620] 0.045
ENSG00000198270 TMEM116 protein_coding transmembrane protein 116 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25084] 0.045
ENSG00000265010 RP11-661C3.2 other 0.045
ENSG00000229819 RP11-510H23.3 antisense 0.045
ENSG00000271382 RP11-1060G2.2 lincRNA 0.045
ENSG00000011405 PIK3C2A protein_coding phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 3-kinase, catalytic subunit type 2 alpha [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:8971] 0.045
ENSG00000104412 EMC2 protein_coding ER membrane protein complex subunit 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28963] 0.045
ENSG00000234523 NDUFB1P2 pseudogene NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex, 1 pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37815] 0.045
ENSG00000227942 FRMD8P1 pseudogene FERM domain containing 8 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24690] 0.045
ENSG00000101544 ADNP2 protein_coding ADNP homeobox 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23803] 0.045
ENSG00000163481 RNF25 protein_coding ring finger protein 25 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14662] 0.045
ENSG00000257398 RP11-554D14.6 lincRNA 0.046
ENSG00000238326 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.046
ENSG00000121413 ZSCAN18 protein_coding zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 18 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21037] 0.046
ENSG00000272465 RP1-136B1.1 lincRNA 0.046
ENSG00000230826 RP11-417B4.2 antisense 0.046
ENSG00000200344 Y_RNA other Y RNA [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF00019] 0.046
ENSG00000160953 MUM1 protein_coding melanoma associated antigen (mutated) 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:29641] 0.046
ENSG00000257150 PGAM1P5 pseudogene phosphoglycerate mutase 1 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:42452] 0.046
ENSG00000267871 CTC-444N24.6 antisense 0.046
ENSG00000258794 RP11-313F23.5 pseudogene 0.046
ENSG00000241043 GVQW1 protein_coding GVQW motif containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31424] 0.046
ENSG00000126070 AGO3 protein_coding argonaute RISC catalytic component 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18421] 0.046
ENSG00000263177 RP11-433P17.2 pseudogene 0.046
ENSG00000070404 FSTL3 protein_coding follistatin-like 3 (secreted glycoprotein) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3973] 0.046
ENSG00000269972 RP3-430N8.10 lincRNA 0.046
ENSG00000147255 IGSF1 protein_coding immunoglobulin superfamily, member 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:5948] 0.046
ENSG00000243629 LINC00880 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 880 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27948] 0.046
ENSG00000203327 AC012358.7 antisense 0.046
ENSG00000198265 HELZ protein_coding helicase with zinc finger [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16878] 0.046
ENSG00000141556 TBCD protein_coding tubulin folding cofactor D [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:11581] 0.046
ENSG00000256827 RP11-214K3.5 pseudogene 0.046
ENSG00000105865 DUS4L protein_coding dihydrouridine synthase 4-like (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21517] 0.046
ENSG00000269068 RP11-256I23.2 antisense 0.046
ENSG00000254912 RP11-632K20.2 pseudogene 0.046
ENSG00000106128 GHRHR protein_coding growth hormone releasing hormone receptor [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4266] 0.046
ENSG00000175344 CHRNA7 protein_coding cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 7 (neuronal) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1960] 0.046
ENSG00000269987 RP3-430N8.11 lincRNA 0.046
ENSG00000174501 ANKRD36C protein_coding ankyrin repeat domain 36C [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32946] 0.046
ENSG00000259640 RP6-33F8.1 other 0.046
ENSG00000155957 TMBIM4 protein_coding transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif containing 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24257] 0.046
ENSG00000259384 GH1 protein_coding growth hormone 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4261] 0.046
ENSG00000122557 HERPUD2 protein_coding HERPUD family member 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21915] 0.046
ENSG00000239498 AC114765.1 lincRNA 0.046
ENSG00000261056 RP11-454F8.2 pseudogene 0.046
ENSG00000198454 C9orf141 protein_coding chromosome 9 open reading frame 141 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18147] 0.047
ENSG00000136603 SKIL protein_coding SKI-like oncogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:10897] 0.047
ENSG00000268081 RP11-678G14.2 antisense 0.047
ENSG00000161999 JMJD8 protein_coding jumonji domain containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14148] 0.047
ENSG00000271025 RP11-708L7.9 pseudogene 0.047
ENSG00000164008 C1orf50 protein_coding chromosome 1 open reading frame 50 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28795] 0.047
ENSG00000268272 VN1R78P pseudogene vomeronasal 1 receptor 78 pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:37399] 0.047
ENSG00000215373 FAM90A5P pseudogene family with sequence similarity 90, member A5, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:32253] 0.047
ENSG00000083838 ZNF446 protein_coding zinc finger protein 446 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21036] 0.047
ENSG00000169814 BTD protein_coding biotinidase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1122] 0.047
ENSG00000225285 RP4-758J18.10 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000255464 RP11-585F1.2 pseudogene 0.047
ENSG00000267791 CTD-2659N19.2 antisense 0.047
ENSG00000251388 RP11-427M20.1 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000267732 RP11-456O19.3 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000234779 RP11-62F24.2 antisense 0.047
ENSG00000157927 RADIL protein_coding Ras association and DIL domains [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:22226] 0.047
ENSG00000119638 NEK9 protein_coding NIMA-related kinase 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18591] 0.047
ENSG00000236833 AC024560.2 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000266667 RP11-849N15.4 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000253456 CTD-2363C16.2 antisense 0.047
ENSG00000261229 RP11-38G5.4 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000116128 BCL9 protein_coding B-cell CLL/lymphoma 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1008] 0.047
ENSG00000267659 RP11-118B18.1 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000257239 RP11-630C16.2 lincRNA 0.047
ENSG00000157168 NRG1 protein_coding neuregulin 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7997] 0.047
ENSG00000196302 RP11-497H16.5 pseudogene 0.047
ENSG00000260284 TPSP2 pseudogene tryptase pseudogene 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14136] 0.047
ENSG00000229308 AC010084.1 lincRNA 0.048
ENSG00000231859 AC007875.2 pseudogene 0.048
ENSG00000251595 ABCA11P pseudogene ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 11, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31] 0.048
ENSG00000267115 CTD-3064H18.2 lincRNA 0.048
ENSG00000226515 AC004386.3 pseudogene 0.048
ENSG00000111231 GPN3 protein_coding GPN-loop GTPase 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30186] 0.048
ENSG00000132964 CDK8 protein_coding cyclin-dependent kinase 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:1779] 0.048
ENSG00000229384 HMGB1P16 pseudogene high mobility group box 1 pseudogene 16 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:39098] 0.048
ENSG00000254398 RP11-578F21.2 pseudogene 0.048
ENSG00000238986 snoU13 other Small nucleolar RNA U13 [Source:RFAM;Acc:RF01210] 0.048
ENSG00000137500 CCDC90B protein_coding coiled-coil domain containing 90B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28108] 0.048
ENSG00000264078 RP11-73M7.9 antisense 0.048
ENSG00000165874 FAM35BP pseudogene family with sequence similarity 35, member B, pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31425] 0.048
ENSG00000114859 CLCN2 protein_coding chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2020] 0.048
ENSG00000102900 NUP93 protein_coding nucleoporin 93kDa [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28958] 0.048
ENSG00000169372 CRADD protein_coding CASP2 and RIPK1 domain containing adaptor with death domain [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:2340] 0.048
ENSG00000260814 RP11-107F6.3 lincRNA 0.048
ENSG00000204164 BMS1P5 pseudogene BMS1 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23653] 0.048
ENSG00000271387 RP11-382D12.2 lincRNA 0.048
ENSG00000229692 SOS1-IT1 other SOS1 intronic transcript 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:41385] 0.048
ENSG00000228172 RP1-317E23.3 antisense 0.048
ENSG00000215846 MPTX1 pseudogene mucosal pentraxin 1 (pseudogene) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:48364] 0.048
ENSG00000227204 RBMY2JP pseudogene RNA binding motif protein, Y-linked, family 2, member J pseudogene [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23918] 0.048
ENSG00000225302 RP11-539I5.1 antisense 0.048
ENSG00000270553 RP11-15E18.5 pseudogene 0.048
ENSG00000109016 DHRS7B protein_coding dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 7B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24547] 0.048
ENSG00000223688 RPS24P14 pseudogene ribosomal protein S24 pseudogene 14 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35744] 0.048
ENSG00000197320 AC060834.2 pseudogene 0.048
ENSG00000025770 NCAPH2 protein_coding non-SMC condensin II complex, subunit H2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25071] 0.048
ENSG00000124226 RNF114 protein_coding ring finger protein 114 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:13094] 0.048
ENSG00000255139 AP000442.1 antisense 0.048
ENSG00000271973 RP11-572O6.1 lincRNA 0.048
ENSG00000099991 CABIN1 protein_coding calcineurin binding protein 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24187] 0.048
ENSG00000114446 IFT57 protein_coding intraflagellar transport 57 homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:17367] 0.048
ENSG00000261366 MANEA-AS1 antisense MANEA antisense RNA 1 (head to head) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:43732] 0.048
ENSG00000235387 LINC00961 lincRNA long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 961 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:27244] 0.048
ENSG00000137098 SPAG8 protein_coding sperm associated antigen 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:14105] 0.048
ENSG00000188199 NUTM2B protein_coding NUT family member 2B [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23445] 0.048
ENSG00000253352 TUG1 antisense taurine upregulated 1 (non-protein coding) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26066] 0.048
ENSG00000268189 AC005785.2 other 0.049
ENSG00000238261 RP11-435B5.5 lincRNA 0.049
ENSG00000261798 RP1-118J21.25 antisense 0.049
ENSG00000264538 SUZ12P pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000141012 GALNS protein_coding galactosamine (N-acetyl)-6-sulfate sulfatase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4122] 0.049
ENSG00000224545 AC008264.4 pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000115137 DNAJC27 protein_coding DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 27 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:30290] 0.049
ENSG00000227630 RP4-781K5.8 lincRNA 0.049
ENSG00000220695 RP1-121G13.3 pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000266941 AC104532.3 antisense 0.049
ENSG00000232176 RP11-146N23.1 pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000143303 RRNAD1 protein_coding ribosomal RNA adenine dimethylase domain containing 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:24273] 0.049
ENSG00000267047 RP11-589P10.7 antisense 0.049
ENSG00000107290 SETX protein_coding senataxin [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:445] 0.049
ENSG00000267355 RPL9P29 pseudogene ribosomal protein L9 pseudogene 29 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:35533] 0.049
ENSG00000155085 AK9 protein_coding adenylate kinase 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:33814] 0.049
ENSG00000223316 AC027281.1 other 0.049
ENSG00000151422 FER protein_coding fer (fps/fes related) tyrosine kinase [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3655] 0.049
ENSG00000152359 POC5 protein_coding POC5 centriolar protein homolog (Chlamydomonas) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:26658] 0.049
ENSG00000168152 THAP9 protein_coding THAP domain containing 9 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23192] 0.049
ENSG00000102781 KATNAL1 protein_coding katanin p60 subunit A-like 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:28361] 0.049
ENSG00000041988 THAP3 protein_coding THAP domain containing, apoptosis associated protein 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20855] 0.049
ENSG00000110583 NAA40 protein_coding N(alpha)-acetyltransferase 40, NatD catalytic subunit, homolog (S. cerevisiae) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:25845] 0.049
ENSG00000256383 AC020910.2 pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000221016 AC002558.1 other 0.049
ENSG00000224676 AP000351.8 pseudogene 0.049
ENSG00000163558 PRKCI protein_coding protein kinase C, iota [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:9404] 0.049
ENSG00000130726 TRIM28 protein_coding tripartite motif containing 28 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16384] 0.049
ENSG00000254535 PABPC4L protein_coding poly(A) binding protein, cytoplasmic 4-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:31955] 0.049
ENSG00000198742 SMURF1 protein_coding SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:16807] 0.049
ENSG00000269901 RP11-178L8.9 antisense 0.05
ENSG00000258301 RP11-488C13.5 lincRNA 0.05
ENSG00000198553 KCNRG protein_coding potassium channel regulator [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:18893] 0.05
ENSG00000259426 RP11-253M7.1 antisense 0.05
ENSG00000189195 BTBD8 protein_coding BTB (POZ) domain containing 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:21019] 0.05
ENSG00000157036 EXOG protein_coding endo/exonuclease (5'-3'), endonuclease G-like [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:3347] 0.05
ENSG00000066735 KIF26A protein_coding kinesin family member 26A [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:20226] 0.05
ENSG00000109065 NAT9 protein_coding N-acetyltransferase 9 (GCN5-related, putative) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:23133] 0.05
ENSG00000116062 MSH6 protein_coding mutS homolog 6 (E. coli) [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7329] 0.05
ENSG00000223519 RP11-439E19.8 pseudogene 0.05